The Death Game


DENMarkus killed Plokit because he doesn’t know what TGIF is


Agent2583 killed Denmarkus for not knowing about TGIF


Plokit killed Agent2583 for not informing him what it is


Spydermann killed plokit because I was able to make the first three words by the three gray word suggestions


Plokit killed Spydermann because he uses mobile too much


Spydermann killed plokit because I can’t help it
Well I may be able to

Update: Never mind it didn’t work


Plokit killed Spydermann for thinking that ever works lmao. You know how many times I’ve hopelessly done that scan and repair. What did you do, shut your computer down while it was booting up?


Spydermann killed plokit because I don’t know how much times you did it

Also I shut it down a few times while it blue screened because it took a long time


Plokit killed Spydermann for forcefully shutting down his computer.

But it shouldn’t hurt it once it’s at the blue screen. Still not the best idea, but at that point it’s just creating crash logs.


Spydermann killed plokit because if I had not shut it down then there would be flying cars before it can restart


Plokit killed Spydermann for not being patient


Agent Killed Plokit for not letting others play


Plokit killed Agen2583 because nothing’s stopping anyone else from replying, I’m just fast as f**k boi

Please tell me at least one of you gets this


Spydermann killed plokit for being fast, which can be impatient


skeletonman0 killed spydermann with a flamethrower because he wanted to see the world burn…


Plokit killed Skeletonman0 for summoning a dev in the other game


Spydermann killed plokit cuz I’m LIT :fire::fire::fire::tired_face::ok_hand: :cow::wave::triumph::triumph::thinking::joy:


DENMarkus killed Spydermann because im LITTer than him
:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :sunglasses: :call_me_hand:
_____ :tshirt:
_____ :jeans:


Plokit killed DENMarkus for being lit. ew


Spydermann killed plokit for not being lit :fire: