The Death Game


It’s a small game and the idea is to kill the last post for example
1: Johnny killed a rabiit (there wasn’t any user) with a spoon
2: Derek killed Johnny with a sword because he killed a rabbit.
I’ll start:
Last week I was walking on the beach when I saw a dolphin in the water. I stumbled with a rock and fell on the dolphin and I killed him.

Condo Project 2... (Will be updated to have its name when its out of alpha)

DENMarkus killed Eriberto with Diamond Pickaxe because he killed my mother

i hope this is how you play it.


Agent2583 killed Denmarkus with a sword because he killed someone who killed a dolphin by accident.


WHOAG killed Agent2583 because he thought he killed someone who he wanted to kill


Heavysteam killed WHOAG because he wanted to test out his new weapon.


DENMarkus Killed an innocent bystander

get it? the refrence?


Agent2583 killed Denmarkus for killing a innocent bystander


DENMarkus Killed Agent2583 for being the very best replier on every forum game.


M2 killed Denmarkus with a gun because he was apparently a zombie and killed someone after dying.


Heavysteam killed M2 for stopping the zombie apocalypse.


Agent Killed Heavy for killing Zombies prior to Zombie Massacre


Eriberto killed Agent for killing a man who was trying to stop a zombie apocalypse.


M2 killed Eriberto because I he’s an enemy of the zombie apocalypse.


Spydermann killed M2 by making their ears bleed by playing Despacito because they misused I.


M2 killed Spydermann for editing his post 4 times.


Spydermann killed M2 for crawling back from the dead, even though he just did it.


DENMarkus Killed Spydermann for spelling Spihder Mahn Wrong


Agent2583 killed Denmarkus with a dragon sword because you spelled Spiderman wrong


Heavysteam killed Agent2583 for not stealing DENMarkus soul with the sword, and because a gun is better


WHOAG banned Heavysteam because