The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


wish granted, but he looks like a pee pee and he is dead

i wish for free robux lmao


Wish granted but if you laugh your ass off, you find yourself broke after spending robux on items that are useless regardless of what you paid for.

I wish Lich and Skeleman went on a comedy duo tour.


Wish granted, but the comedy is horrible. (PS: no one in the world laughed their bottoms off, so free robux all the way)

I wish forehead


Wish granted you get “head” from a man
(You dont want to know what i meant)

I wish that all of my spray painting and airbrushing efforts dont look like absolute crap


wish granted, but your crap spray paints the toilet

i wish for

        1. List item


You already wished for that 3 times. You can’t repeat that wish during the next corruption.

I wish for a Krusty Krab Burger.


wish granted but you get

i wish for * ## 1. * List item


I told you, you can’t repeat that wish so you have to wait 24 hours before repeating a wish again.

I wish England got through to the finals.

Spoiler, England beat Columbia so the wish has changed.


Wish granted, but you must let everyone wish for list items.

I wish nobody could wish for list items.


Wish granted but

  1. This might not work
  2. Where have you been?
  3. so bored.

I wish you played more forum games more often.


Wish granted but…

he is the only one who can play the forum games now…

i wish i had the best gaming pc in the world.


Wish granted, but the moon has better pcs.

I wish for some spicy music.


lol i dont care about 24 hours waiting i wont wait
wish granted but you hate music now

i wish for

    1. Heading


Wish granted… I guess? Except whatever you tried to wish for was made with a poopy touchpad mouse and in paint.

I wish for Dark Souls 4.


wish granted buuuuutttt… in game you can not equip armor or weapons
i wish for the ability to be good at games.


Wish granted but the only games you’re good at are Puzzle Games.

I wish there were more Zombie Massacre maps.


Wish granted, but they’re only available on gmt.

I wish for a photo of the colusseum.


wish granted, but you drop it in a glass of water and now you are sad

i wish people still played battleblock theater multiplayer mode


Wish Granted! But all of the other people are 12 year old squeakers that love the taste of their microphone.

I wish I didn’t forget to make a wish and have to edit this post.


wish granted, but you forget to grant wishes

i wish horrible songs couldn’t get stuck in my head so easily