The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


“Corrupt A Wish” has always been my favorite forum game, and since there isn’t a version of it here yet, I figured I’d start one up.

The rules are simple. Person A wishes for something, then Person B grants it, but with a downside. Then, Person B wishes for something, which the next person corrupts, and then the cycle continues.

Person A: I wish that I could fly.
Person B: Wish granted, but you may never touch the ground again. I wish that I had a million dollars.

Pretty simple, no? To start it off, I wish that I didn’t suck total ass at Mortal Kombat X.


Wish Granted! But you are only able to play well with one character.

I wish I was able to live aboard.


Wish Granted! But you can only live in Uganda

I wish i could resurrect the dead


Wish Granted! But they are only reanimated for twenty-four hours.

I wish I could make the perfect pizza every time I tried!


Wish granted! But you can never have toppings. :relieved:
I wish for a Wii U!


Uh, he said it had to be a downside :wink:


Hold on, Ill make a edit. :wink:


Wish granted! But you are only allowed to use the Wii U controller (you know, the tablet thingy).

I wish I was an expert at coding.


Wish granted! But you are only allowed to make crappy programs and games with your knowledge.
I wish I had a better computer.


Wish granted! You can only run ms-dos.

I wish I had some pizza.


Wish granted! But it is frozen and you are not allowed to reheat it.

I wish I could visit Japan.


Wish granted, but everyone there is actually fully american and fully weeaboo.

Dang, I wish my parents wouldn’t feel so ashamed of me playing Nekopara.


Wish granted! Although now, they feel ashamed of you playing any other game.
I wish I could fly!


Wish granted, but every time you fly you have to fly at cruising altitude.
I wish Tower Unite will come out faster


WISH GRANTED! Except that you can play only 2 hours on a week! (the worst thing you can have!)

I wish I could be a PRO on CSGO (and play with one of my national team: Envy Us)



I wish I was a TU Official Moderator.


Wish Granted! But you were not allowed to use your moderator tools.

I wish I had infinite ice cream.


Wish granted. But you’re not allowed to touch it

I wish I had a better computer


Wish granted!. But it automatically turns off every 30 minutes.

I wish I had every single game released on steam.


Wish granted! But your progress will never save.
I wish I had friends :neutral_face: