The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, but the price of one is equal to the entire chinese economy

I wish for cards against humanity, all of them plus 3rd party expansions, yes litterally all of them, and do not put “you can’t play them” because that corruption is way too cliche


No, you get Monopoly money.

I wish people sold the Hound’s Hood cosmetic for a reasonable price.


Wish granted, it’s only sold at the black market though

I wish for a fish


Wish granted, but you get a teacup instead.

I wish for 100 refined metal on Team Fortress 2 then


Wish granted, but it’s all untradable for 7 days.

I wish I had lots of aluminum.


Wish granted, but it’s 10 piles of plastic.

eye wishe fore rite speling


Wish granted, but you cannot talk good in real life.

I urge to receive not as great sentences



I wish I had the precision to kill flies with one single slap.


Wish granted, you have the ability to launch nukes at a fly, congrats you started ww3 before the north koreans could

I wish for humor


Wish granted, you are now next to Amy Schumer.

I wish I can launch nukes at a north korea


Wish granted, it missed and you destroyed worst korea instead, along with glorious leader psy "the horse dance guy"

I wish for a single miniscule piece of dust


Wish granted, you got killed by a fly.

I wish for



Wish granted, you get a black hole

I wish for some antimemes


You get impact font memes.

i wish i had something to wish for


Wish granted, its justin bieber


GAME OVER. Did not make wish.

I wish it wasn’t just Spydermann and premiumstriker playing this forum game.


Wish granted but it’s now me and you.

I wish to be working in a hospital.


Wish granted. but the wish you just granted was corrupted by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I wish Despacito didn’t exist.


wish granted, but now you get this played in your ears 24 hours a day

i wish to remember to wish at all times


I thought you were supposed to corrupt wishes. As a punishment, you forgot the aim of the game. You do not know how to play nor cannot learn how to play.

I wish to figure out myself.