The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


yeah i did, thats the downside, also
wish granted, you figured out everything including somethings you tried to forget, so have fun with those really bad memories you’ve been trying to forget for years

i wish people would just stop doing things like[quote=“Spydermann, post:1667, topic:2032”]
I thought you were supposed to corrupt wishes. As a punishment, you forgot the aim of the game. You do not know how to play nor cannot learn how to play.
to me


Wish granted! However, you keep forgetting to corrupt wishes and now nobody can tell you you’re playing the game wrong.

I wish everyone could think of wishes that weren’t about thinking of wishes.


(i meant i liked the song)
Also, wish granted, they think of hotdogs.

I wish I can understand things.


wish granted, now everyone cannot understand you, as if you’re speaking highly intelligent gibberish

i wish for my steam account, i want it back badly


Wish granted, but you can only use it on mobile.

I wish Fortnite never existed smh


Wish granted but all other battle Royale games don’t exist

I wish for a Monty Python return.


Wish granted but everyone is instantly eaten by the killer bunny.

I wish people remembered Save the World in Fortnite.



Wish granted, but they dump Battle Royale.

I wish I can wear more cosmetics on my TF2 loadouts.


Wish granted, you can now wear x2 gibus.

I wish more people talked positively about the scp foundation.


Wish granted, but they only talk positively about SCOOP, a ripoff of SCP.

I wish I had extra free cosmetic slots in my tf2 loadout, that had unlimited possibilities to what hat you want to wear.


Wish granted, but your lack of creativity makes your loadout look worse than a gibus x1000000

I wish people would stop assuming that scp is a game, there is a entire universe about it yknow


Wish not granted. SCP is still a game, even if it has a universe. Most games have a universe. It doesn’t matter if the universe was before the game.

I wish upon a star for sandvich.


Wish granted, but it’s the sun, the sun had burnt the sandvich.

no wish haha


Wish granted

I wish people would understand that there is an entire wiki about the scp universe


Wish granted, but now you don’t know what SCP is.

I wish for cookies and milk.


Wish granted.

…what? You want me to corrupt your wish? Fine… the milk is strawberry milk, and the cookies raisin cookies.

I wish somebody would listen to me.


Wish granted, I listened to the corrupt, jokes on you, I like both of those.

I wish four.


Wish granted, but now the naïve answer is 2.5 instead of 4.

I wish Blimp Ticket Skip would be discovered this year.


Wish granted, but the ticket skips the blimp. (what)

I wish



I grant your wish, but now Your computer cant go 2 minutes without throwing up a 404 error.
I wish for a wish that cannot be corrupted by another user.