The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted but you have to speak backwards for the next corruption.

I wish this sentence is false


Hoax a is landing moon the, granted wish

I simply give up, im tired of this ok


You keep on going :new_moon_with_face:

I simply give up, im tired of this ok


You @DENMarkus , a probbable caucassian teenager with spare time, a personal computing device, internet access and intact v(REDACTED)y drink coffee, allowing you to keep going in this harsh landscape of pain, annoyance and the eternal cycle of wish and wish corrupting, after you drank said coffee you corrupt wishes again, as complicated and unecessarilly verbose and long as that

(Get it? Because you said simply)



no i won’t

I wis- damn it,
i WILL have a pink teddybear


Wish granted, its a 20 inch “stick” named “pink teddy”

I grant wish


You completely ruined this game so your genie has cursed you to be a polyp.

I wish I could Glinch.


I got a tad too meta there sorry,
Wish granted, you’re the grinch now

I wish for some meta


Wish granted but it’s Blockspam Meta.

I wish you got my reference.

It was from Galidor.


Wish granted, but now you can’t reference anything other then Galidor, whatever that is.

I wish relatively tame words weren’t being censored by (REDACTED)s.



I wish I didn’t repeat the same wishes.


Whoosh you got Alzheimers, 2x

Also blame the scp foundation wiki for the whole redact thing

I wish for a pony


Wish granted, you get a sea pony.

I wish for ToxicBoo’s love,


Uh… why do you want my love?

I wish Spydermann would stop making the same wish over and over again.



I wish I didn’t repeat the same wishes
(eggs d)


“Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?”

I wish I wasn’t shy.


Wish granted, because of your unshyness you now say somethings that you usually are shy about

I wish to stop


Wish granted, you keep going.

I wish I didn’t wishes the same repeat.


Banned for repeating the same wis…shit wrong game

EDIT : i blurred the swear because i don’t want some ban-happy guy to flag the living “brown-stuff” out of me, also related :

I wish i would not get flagged for swearing


Wish granted, but you get flagged for not swearing.

I wish people sold the Hound’s Hood cosmetic for Scout on Team Fortress 2.