The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, but you can no longer edit posts.

I wish for a bottle of Pepsi.


Wish granted, but you have to sit through my Coca Cola ads just for old time’s sake.

I wish people would be grateful for what they have.


Wish Granted, but people just don’t get it somehow.

I Wish for something idk


Wish granted, you got a carp ton of junkmail, both email and irl mail

I wish to watch season 3 of superstore


Wish granted but the superstore you normally go to is closed for filming

I wish Erickson played forum games more often.


Wish granted, now he is on reddit

I dont wish for a pc


You caused a mistake, so you get the PC regardless, however it is in bits.

I wish I was working with the media team.


Wish granted, you are now working for Buzz Feed.

I wish I wasn’t so easily sad.


Wish granted, despite your resistence to sad things you are depressed because a lot of sad things happen more often

I wish to not run out of any wish ideas


Wish granted, but your mind is consumed by thoughts of wishes and how to corrupt them, wishing and corrupting wishes consumes your life.

I wish I wasn’t too edgy or too cute.


wish granted your 2 chesy 4 me

I wish I can focus.


Wish granted, you can only focus on 1 thing, that means if you are looking at a pc you are oblivious to your surroundings,

I give up on wishes


You don’t give up on wishes. You get a straw.

I wish for all those emeralds


wish granted, you get rocks painted green

i wish for a single (bleep)


Wish granted but you (Bleep) ed up real bad and you have to say “(Bleep)” everytime you swear.

I wish for a healthy drink.


Wish granted, its coca cola with a huge sticker saying its healthy

I wish something


I wish something isn’t proper grammar, I can not do anything about that.

I wish I didn’t repeat the same wishes.


Wish granted, but you now repeat the same ban reasons on that other dead meme of a forum game.

I wish I wasn’t bored.


Wish granted, you’re scary.

I wish I didn’t repeat the same wishes.


congrats, you got alzheimer syndrome

something i wish