The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, but it’s disabled for 253,214,696 minutes. Please try again later.

I wish I can rebel like a champ in TF2 Jailbreak.


Wish granted, you are now leading an armed revolution in an american prison and you dont know what to do or how it even came to be,

I wish for the last wish


Wish granted but that was your last wish for a while

I wish I was the very best like no one ever was


Wish granted, but all of your Pokemon are stuck in the pc, and there is no way to get them out.

I wish for a-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaUHHHHH


Wish granted, you’re in a hospital for getting your [REDACTED] stuck in a ceiling fan and a toaster, at the same damn time

I wish for the blood of the innocent


Wish granted, but you only get the donated blood of one innocent.

I wish I still liked Overwatch.


Wish granted, you like tf2 and battleborn now

I wish for something i guess


Wish granted, you get A (haha get it, like you guessed the answer a haha)

I don’t wish. I’m a rebel.


Wish granted, you live in east germany during soviet occupation, i sugest you stop rebelling or gulag

I wish for everything


With granted, you get a bootleg mario toy that runs into walls and jumps off cliffs when you put batteries in it.

I wish for-



Wish granted, the world froze

I wish for, you know what who cares about some lame wish? All i ask for is an answer to one question, does the black moon howl?



I wish my computer wasn’t took over by Bonzi Buddy.


Wish granted, you get virus, simple as that

I wish for a russian accent, its sounds so badass


Wish granted, but you sound like The Russian Hacker and a child trying to sound russian. (tbh the russian hacker sounds so annoying)

I got my Otamatone, no more wishes needed.


No more wishes needed? Nah, you can’t ever not need more wishes.

I wish I wasn’t scary.


Wish granted, now you are ugly.

Wish for me.


Wish granted, evil twin

I wish for an answer, does the black moon howl?



I wish I wasn’t Boo.


Wish granted, u now spook

I wish for a godamn answer to that question, does the damn black moon howl? Im not taking no for an answer


Wish granted, yes.

I wish I can delete old posts on this forum, without restrictions.