The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, i did and if you are not satisfied im not gonna fix it no more

I wish for a fish



I wish this thread wouldn’t die like this, we discussed almost everything in the span of 1542 posts.


Wish granted, rock paper sciccors, the one who looses cant post here for a whole day

I wish later after the rock paper sciccors


You lost for not making a wish, goodbye!

As I posted this you edited it, I won’t take that.

I wish that wasn’t ironic.


Wish granted and now im back
Now how we do the rock again? Oh well later
I wish i dont run out of wish ideas


Wish granted, you are permanently banned for ban evasion.

I wish for 200 vending machines in Tower Unite.


Wait am i still allowed to corrupt this wish? Idk so
Wish granted, sponsored by pepsi
I wish for you to stop, you reply way to fast



I wish that this didn’t happen twice.


Now it happens 3 times as much, so…

I wish for (ERROR)


Wish granted, you lose 3 textures from Tower Unite.

I wish I can yell like Saxton Hale from TF2.

(Also, I cannot reply anymore, you got your wish! I must get some sleep, its 10:00 PM.)


Wish granted, but your weight decreased so if you do it you will slam a wall

I wish for (i ran out of ideas, i give up)
Also the sun is still up here


Last reply for today, the sun fell down on you.

I wish for a good night’s rest.


Wish granted, but your always super tired afterwards.

I wish for a button that gives me whatever I want.


Wish granted but it gives you MLP.

I wish I had something better to do than work.


Wish granted but, you now work on memes

i wish for a good meme idea


Wish granted but it dies after one day.

I wish I was a doctor.


Wish granted, afterwards you took a plane to go to work and…

Too bad…

I wish for a corrupted wish


Wish granted

I wish for a videogame


Wish granted, you do get one but you have to pay 200 percent its original price, also its hunt down the freeman,

I wish for a paradox




I wish to go to an alternate universe where Hunt down the freeman turned out good.