The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, it already exists, look up Black Mesa on Steam. Also you have to carry around… THE HAT.

You know what I wish for? No. Surprise me.


Five more snipers? Ok, wish granted!

I wish I didn’t have to carry a purple hat through Black mesa while trying to defend myself from stale memes.


Wish granted, but now you have to carry a pink fedora through Black Mesa while trying to defend yourself from stale memes.

Surprise me. Again. Without the same thing.


Wish granted! You now own Black Messa.

EDIT: I forgot to wish. Sorry. If I could wish I would wish for .



I wish for a forth reich


Wish granted, you get a fourth bucket of rice.

I wish for a lasaga.


wish granted, you get mashed lasanga with sauce made out of gmo olives and enchovies

i wish for the unification of the german empire


Wish granted but that was a long time ago so I’m afraid you’re too late.

I wish to build a computer.


Wish granted. you literally build a computer shape out of potatoes.
I wish for a safe house.


Wish granted, you are now on house arrest


I wish you remembered to wish


Wish granted, But he forgets like i do

I wish for Half-Life 5


Wish Granted but you get half life 13 in 90 years.


I wish you also remembered to wish afterwards.


Wish Granted, But ᴇʀʀᴏʀ

I wish for a good life


Wish granted, your life is good but you’re still sad, stay 5 metric metres away from the ropes,

I wish to remember to wish all the time


Wish granted, you now remember to wear your seat belt.

I wish for Garfield Kart Sequel.


wish granted you get spaghet doggo the pre-sequel

i wish for decent framerates in this god forsaken laptop


Wish granted, the viruses are removed from your laptop, but now Protogent Proto is watching!

I wish for the finest amount of roblox currency also known as robux


Wish granted, you get tix

I wish i remembered my iphone password