The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, you get litteral easter eggs
I wish for nothing


Wish granted, but you get a broken shoe.

I wish I un-saw this video.


Wish granted, you dont have memories of watching it but you still feel like you have seen it

I wish for the single most uncorruptable wish in existence


Wish granted, you scratched your knee.

I wish my phone earbuds didn’t break so fast.


Wish granted, not only it has bad quality audio and is glued to your ears, its also playing nickelback till the end of time itself

I dont wish for a pc


Wish granted, you get a windows xp that broke 10 years ago.

I wish The Flying Dutchman was a vegetarian!


Wish granted, now meat and vegetables switched places

I wish for something
(Im forced to fix this, above was suposed to be empty)


Wish granted, but its Seth Rogen.

I wish I had the ability to make garfielf videos.


Wish granted you can now make videos of a garfield ripoff called spaghetti dog

Also jokes on you i like seth rogen

I wish for more time


Wish granted, you get one millisecond.

I wish [quote=“Spydermann, post:1479, topic:2032”]
for more ideas.


Wish granted, your ideas are perverted

I wish to kill scp 682


Wish granted, but ten more of them come up from the dead one with 3 fan fictions for each one.



Trying to confuse me eh? I got plenty o time,
Wish granted, you get nothing from the catsacks

I wish to make sence out of scp 3500


You uninstalled scp from your soul, steam, and everything.

no wish haha


Wish granted, you acidentally gave your past dad a condom

Also scp is not just a game, go read the wiki

I wish for a plain old book


what are you saying
also you get a torn page of harry potter

i wish for good photoshop skills


Wish granted, you are forced to use that skills on ms paint

I wish to fix anything


Wish granted, you must fix wish 1534.

I wish for a AAaAaAa


You get :b: congrats

I wish for seth rogen


Wish granted, you get Ed Sheeran!

I wish you actually fixed wish 1534.