The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted but the night is the night that never ends!


I wish to have a Zoroark.


Wish granted. You get me! :3

I wish for the Axtinguisher to not have a 75% deploy speed penalty.


Wait? I get you?!? You’re the Zoroark? Have a picture of a Zoroark.

Wish granted but you get a lower move speed penalty instead cause it’s so heavy!

I wish I can project myself into others dreams.


Wish granted, but you can’t change anything in the dreams.

I wish I was good at laser tag.


Wish granted but you’re a milk carton while playing.

I wish for a Master Ball.


Wish granted but you use it on a Whiscash, who then eats it.

I wish to get this game going again.


Wish granted, but every wish is meme related.

I wish the emoji movie was cancelled.


Wish granted but people will still use emojis in scripts.

I wish to visit the Spirit in the Sky.


Wish granted but it took a month for you to visit it.

I wish I can corrupt wishes while camping…


Wish granted but you’re no longer allowed to reply to yourself.
I wish to program better.


Wish granted but you find yourself susceptible to a lot of code errors.

I wish to climb TU’s Summit course.


Wish granted!
…wait, which mountain?
I hope you have a really long ladder or something, because the course is airborne. Have fun?

I wish to also climb TU’s Summit course.


Wish granted, you have the same corruption as before.

I wish to go to a Tropical Island


Wish granted, but reptilian pirates steal all of your bananas, and you have to get them back.

I wish we got Left 4 dead 3 instead of Artifact.


Wish granted but Valve brings Artifact first before moving on to HL3 which will take forever.

I wish it was not windy where I am.


Wish granted! It can’t be windy if you’re trapped underwater. Have fun with the severe flooding!

I wish my computer had more memory.


Wish granted, now it permanently saves your browser history.

I wish I’ve had AE86 Trueno.


Wish granted, but AE86 Trueno is NOT a condition so how could how have had
Baby car

I wish for logic in this thread.


Wish granted, but the real worl is taken over by unspeakable eldritch horrors which destroy all logic and reason.

I wish it was fall already.


Wish granted. You can’t stop falling over.

I wish for tomorrow to be school so I can hand in my assignment in.