The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, but it’s only a 5% off sale.

I wish I didn’t die on the death road.


Always something.

Wish granted, but you’ll die anyways. Maybe not on death road, but elsewhere…

I wish for pink elephant.


Wish granted! You get a lot of pink elephant. Unfortunately, you don’t get paid to keep them.

I wish there were more musicians like Frank Sinatra.


Wish Granted, but the new artists are incredibly hard to listen to.
I wish to have a Flaming Team Captain in TF2.


Wish granted. It brutally gives you a first-degree burn and gives you a scar for life BECAUSE IT’S FLAMING

I wish for no Pyroland.


Wish granted, because there is no Pyroland, the alternative is: you go to Ponyvile instead, with a stop at Enchancia, Cloudsdale, and then the destination, Ponyville. (Find yourself in childish flashbacks!)

I wish for resistance to death.


Wish granted, but you’re forced to listen to Crazy Bus soundtrack for your whole life.

I wish to visit Cloudsdale.


Wish granted, but when you get there, you get swiped by Rainbow Dash during an important flying routine, and she crashes! (Hey, at least the injuries are minor…)

I wish to Unite Up!


Wish granted, but you only get to Unite up for 5 seconds.

I wish I wasn’t constantly being crushed by doors in Sven co op.


Wish granted, but the doors take a eternity to open.
I wish to be able to control people with my mind. (cheesy but im running out of ideas.)


Wish granted, but everyone else can read your mind too (same)

I want to play as the Pink Dragon in the Lobby


Wish granted, but you’re eligible only to join private lobbies. So basically, you’ll be alone.

I wish for drawing skillz


Wish granted but you can only draw scribbles.

I wish I can go to New York.


Wish granted, you come straight into New York’s jail!

I wish for wom jackpot


wish granted, but you have to donate the units to charity.

I want the all the donor items for free


Wish granted, but they are no longer special. (I’d like some of them myself, tho)

I wish for a friend.


Wish granted! You get a imaginary friend!

I wish i was perfect, and/or, God


Wish granted, but you also start thinking as him:> and start to hate yourself.

I wish Arcade came out this patch.


Sorry, Arcade is still under development.

I wish to go to a place where there are merpeople.


Wish granted. You get the Underwater Condo but you can’t move because you spawn on the surface and are a merperson yourself.

I wish for the ability to extend nighttime to get sleep.