The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, but it isnt at hogwarts.
I wish I had hands.


Wish granted but they are soup rice and fall into the nearest bowl wherever possible.
I wish to be able to not use my computer for at least a day.


Wish granted but you’re stuck with no way of communicating because your phone’s battery is flat.

I wish for a Legendary Pokemon.


Legendary magikarps 4 da win!

I wish for fish


Magikarp is not a Legendary you fool. Hence you have to be stuck with fish you reel in with a Old Rod.

I wish for UB01 Symbiont.


Wish granted but it eats your head, Now you are a fucking psychopath that literally needs blood to live

You knew it was coming

I wish for homework that is actually worth my time.


Wish granted, you spend all the time on homework and miss everything else in your life.

I wish for Twilight Princess and Wind Waker port for Nintendo Switch.


Wish granted but you are suspectable to a lot of bugs.

I wish I could cool off at the beach.


Wish granted, all the wind and rain of the incoming hurricane sure does give you chills!

I wish everyone could experience the beautiful saga that is Car Boys.


Wish granted. They all get run over by boys in cars.

I wish for a fricking ideA


Your ideas are useless, and get rejected.

I wish for some banging choons.


Wish granted but the banging choons are actually songs that have a lot of dislikes on social media.

I wish we can continue with this game again.


wish granted.
but you can never talk to yourself ever again

I wish I could go to Europe


Wish granted but you are transported in the middle of a terror attack.

I wish to play laser tag.


Wish granted, but because of servers’ performance due to high amount of players wanting to play Laser Tag, your ping will increase and make it unplayable.

I wish to be in charge for Tower Unite and fix most of interface stuff.


Wish granted, but people stop playing TU forever.

I wish I could survive the death road.


Wish granted but you have to do it in a large car.

I wish to go to Baku.


Wish granted, but you can never leave from Baku

I wish to win every jackpot in TU and irl casino slotmachines in one spin.


Tis impossible to do. Sorry, can’t help ya.

I wish to meet Lewis Hamilton.


Wish granted, but Lewis doesn’t seem to be interested in you, neither you are in Lewis after “meeting”.

I wish Undertale and Dark Souls 1 were on steam summer sale so I can buy something.