The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish Granted, but its in another language.

I wish i had a lifetime of Lay’s Salt and Vinegar chips, party sized.


Wish granted. They are uncontrollably overflowing and flood the world.

I wish for a PotatoPc™.


Wish granted but…

I wish for all the units in TU


Oops, the economy just crashed

I wish we had more good Duke Nukem games

Hail to the king, baby


ok but they are all super expensive

I wish the milk cult wasn’t dead


Granted but all of them are kept refrigerated.

I wish for more merpeople in my Underwater Condo.


Wish granted but they are cartoonish and break logic because they are not tower unite in tower unite so

I wish to not have dr_runoff’s credits music.


(You do realise you can just use Canvas Statues?)

Wish granted but you never make the end anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish it wasn’t raining where I am


Wish granted, but instead all the fruit for the next 3 months is very poor quality due to a drought.

I wish for a 123 in chat for door giveaway.


You get a 321 instead.

I wish for Success in my English Exams


Wish granted, but you screw up all of your other exams.

I wish to pass my Psyche 101 class.

Ha! A ghost taking Psyche 101? Absurd!


You pass the class, but you actually have no clue what you learned.

I wish to win WoM jackpot.


Wish granted, but it turns out you won the MoM one instead
and you got REEL money

I wish for homework that was not


Not what? I can’t help you. Besides you’ll get the answers wrong anyway.

I wish I wasn’t stressed about my grandad dying.


Wish granted, he instead gets revived and comes back to life for the next 20 years, and his wife gets an extension to her lifespan for until the end of the Grandad’s!

I wish to be able to think of more unique wishes.


Wish Granted! but you aren’t allowed to post or share them.

I wish I had a 3D Printer


Wish granted but it’s out of material.

I wish I can meet Rowan Atkinson.


Wish granted, but its via skype call and the lag is real.

I wish I could get my meme in to CowbellyTV’s comment award submissions.


Wish granted, but everyone forgets the meme even existed soon after.

I wish I could make awesome looking condos in TU.


Wish granted but its filled with inappropriate stuff.

I wish I can practice wizardry.