The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted! -but, you start to miss all that extra work so much that you dream about it or something during your free time.

I wish to be out of the box. To be within the shorter radius. You know, the logical thing.


Wish granted your now out of the box but it has a huge radius (sry I have no idea what ur saying )

I wish I have a better paying job


Well. since you spelled the words sorry and you’re as “sry” and “ur” WISH NOT GRANTED.

I wish I knew the secret to mastering VR technology.


Rival companies kidnap you for those secrets

I wish I had more time to do things


Wish granted, you broke the timey-wimey thing and now time is Ded. Not big surprise.



Wish granted but your caps had made you lazier than ever.

I wish I had my Home Learning done before tomorrow.


Wish granted but you have double the Home learning you have now.

I wish we could continue with this game.


Wish granted, but so long as you only post on weekdays.

I wish for some common sense. (please, I really need this)


Wish granted, but everyone else will have more common sense then you.

I wish I was good at Tetris.


Wish granted!, however you do not get absolute silence.

I wish personally that I had a better feel for what to say to who and when to say it.


Wish granted but all the feelings are somewhat depressing.

I wish I did PE again.


Wish granted. But you can never stop exercising again.
I wish I had a gold fish


Wish granted, the fish is fake and made of an iron alloy with a thin gold coating, valued at ~$50.

I wish I had better judgement.


I wish for luck in my exams.


Wish granted, however luck doesn’t matter in an exam: only knowledge.

I wish my anxiety for the upcoming exams was gone already


Wish granted! By forgetting that you have exams to take, you no will no longer be stressed about them!

I wish I sounded smarter.


Wish granted! Unfortunately, people start to think you’re trying to sound smart so they aren’t impressed. Which is unfortunate because, well… some people don’t put effort into sounding smart so I guess they criticise those who do.

I wish the sun had a different colour as viewed from within our atmosphere for no particular reason whatsoever. I’m also assuming everyone here lives on Earth.


Wish granted, the sun is now green. But all other colors are now blocked by the atmosphere. You’ve doomed us all, great job.

I wish for a million wishes


wish granted, but you can only wish for a million of the same thing.

I wish I could play guitar


Wish granted but the only songs you can play are hard songs.

I wish for some exam revision notes.