The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish Granted, but the only games you’re good at are Monopoly, Superman 64, the Phillips CDI Games and every other game that sucks butt.

I wish I can cuddle a Mimikyu


Wish granted, but not actually, because your wish corruption made no sense since I said “Every game ever made”

I wish for Switch!


You got a light switch

I wish for project 39


Wish Granted but no one knows what it is yet!

I wish I had a car.


Wish granted you got a toy car

I wish that i got every new game for free


Wish granted but it’s pirated

I wish to have school not less often.


Wish granted, you only get 3 days of education, and 2 days of work Experience!

I wish to be on Feast of Fiction


Wish granted, but the food is uncooked, and could poison you.
I wish i had a better computer. (mine is slow :frowning: )


Wish granted, but it’s all AMD and Radeon. Plus you get banned from all games so you can’t use it for gaming.

I wish for chocolate bunny.


Wish granted but it is partly Melted.

I wish to go on The Crystal Maze Experience in London


Wish granted, but there’s robots everywhere and everything is on fire.

I wish that would release.


Are you sure? Alright… wish granted, but somehow the developers forget to include the executable file in the update so it doesn’t work for anyone.

I wish to throw my wallet away.


A gust of wind blows it back to you every time you try

I wish I could stop fucking swearing. It’s ruining my shitty goddamn life!


Wish granted but the only swear words censored are mild swears.

I wish to eat my easter egg.


Wish granted.
But you are the egg :open_mouth:

I wish my dog would stop sitting on my foot.


Wish granted, although by now it’s probably already off your foot, so I can’t help you next time it wants to be on your foot, sorry.

Uh, help?


I don’t have a manual, so I can’t help you.

I wish I had more time.


Time Dr Freeman, is it really that time again?

I wish TU lazer tag will have a cheesey safety video playing in the lobby


Tower Unite Laser Tag is under construction, wait until release.

Also, the video is done in crappy animation.

I wish Hive365 was featured in Tower Unite.


Wish granted! But Hive001 - Hive364 are bundled with it, so every time you try to use it 365 completely unrelated songs begin playing in cacophonous dissonance.

I wish I didn’t have to take college courses that were completely unrelated to my major.