The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, people recognise you now as copy of Justin Bieber!

I wish next reply would be upside down.


Wish granted! However, you read the upside down reply right side up.

I wish better music existed.


To you, music sounds amazing! But to other people it sounds like shit. (Literally)

Shoutout to the people who get the South Park reference

I wish I could speed up time


Wish Granted, but you accidentally erase yourself by speeding.

I wish that money grows on trees Requested by my cousin Chris


So much inflation that the currency is now useless! :smiley:

I wish for this wish to be wasted because I can’t think of a wish right now.


Wish granted! You’re your wish and are wasted on the floor from wine.

I wish for no likes.


You get one like

I wish for nothing


You get something.

I wish for a sunny day as it is drizzling.


wish granted but it’s a hot as the hottest day on the equator.
I wish that my wish was un-corruptable.


Wish granted, but the entire universe is warped to the Nth dimension as a result of your un-corruptable wish because all wishes here must be corrupted, but since yours can’t be corrupted, a massive paradox occurs.

I wish it would rain.


It does but its in the form of hail

I wish I knew what project 39 was


Wish granted, however the developer who reveals to you this sacred secret has no option other than to kill you in order to keep the secret from everyone.

I wish there was a simple guide for how to avoid wasting time.


Wish granted! Step 1: Avoid all forms of fun. Fun distracts, and distractions waste time. Robots never waste time, and they are not programmed to experience fun. Coincidence? I think not!

I wish having fun didn’t waste time.


Wish granted, now work wastes time but you have to have a bit of fun at work as well! Like as in, tea breaks!

I wish for asdfmovie 11


Wish granted but you are now a 5th grader for ever, because those are the only people who like those things

I wish for a wish


Wish granted, but that wish only brings unhappiness and despair.

I wish to know what to do.


Wish granted, you have work.

I wish my mic was working


Wish granted, but everyone hates your voice now

I wished for cupiicsaciavirgurogeuowghweuoofuasouusdo


That doesn’t exist so you don’t get it.

I wish for a speedy recovery for my Grandparents.


Wish granted, but… aw come on, I don’t want to corrupt this wish, that would be horrible!

I wish I was good at every game ever made.