The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, but every time it would cut out instead it opens a page full of infectious viruses.

I wish for


Wish granted, but

I wish i had somehow to talk to.


Wish granted you but ability lose to talk.
I wish i could make good pictures because picture is picture picture = pictureC2


Wish granted but you are now PictureC2
I wish that I could better understand this thread


K, now everyone BUT you can’t understand this forum. :grinning:

I wish I could sleep


Wish granted, but you will never wake up.
I wish it were Friday


Wish granted, but everyone on the planet has to listen to that dreadful “Friday” song on loop for the entire day.

I wish it was Saturday.


Same as above but with a poorly dubbed version called “Saturday”

I wish sonic actually made a good game


Wish granted but it is as bad as Rise of Lyric

I wish for a Couch Gag of The Simpsons.


Wish granted! It lasted the whole episode and was too boring to watch through.

I wish I could know what Project 39 is.


Wish granted, it turns out to be microtransactions!

I wish for birb plushie.


Wish granted, but it is poorly made.
I wish I had no homework


Wish granted but you get detention for thinking you had no homework when in reality you did.

I wish easter would come early.


Wish granted, but there would be no other holidays that year.
I have no other wishes to be corrupted.


You do have wishes that need to be corrupted.

I wish I succeeded in computing


Wish granted but you have no computer and are unable to use them.


No wish granted.

I wish some people could understand me.


Wish granted, but wait what? What does that mean, i don’t understand!

I wish i would stop forgetting to make a wish.


Wish granted! Your wishes are bad and they get horribly corrupted.
I wish for a green apple.


Wish granted, you get a red apple.

I wish for FAME