The Bone Zone 2018


oh my! another bone zone on my birthday! heck yea! :smile:


I give you luck getting in!


He always gets in, he’s tanooki, what do you expect?


Damn it. I’m sorry, guys. I’m working tonight… :tired_face:

EDIT: I get off at midnight, so I could show up 12:30 A.M.-ish. Is there an afterparty?


The Neptunia Row:


Click here for more!

The Mikrew:


The Heart’s Curse


sorry, I can’t make it tonight because my pc internet is out for the weekend. (I’m using the phone to bring out the message btw)

UPDATE: i finally fixed my internet after 24 hours and i missed the episode. :disappointed:


Drumm concert going on right now! Don’t miss it!


tonight was a blast! :smile:







Can someone link to the music that gets put on the media players for the start and/or end of the bone zone?


Get this cat some lasaga!


bULLeTs dOn’T wOrk jOn


Lich those were some good moves.
When’s the next one?



These screen shots are fantastic, I had such a blast last episode. I’ve been working on trying to make new things for a few special episodes of The Bone Zone. More updates on that sooner or later…
For now I’ll just leave you with this.

Thanks so much for all the screenshots and support everyone!

@Agent2583 Thank you, not quite sure when the next one is just yet. I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

@rrmm The song we play at the start and finish -


Well I hope the next one is an early one @The_Lich. :slight_smile:


oh my