The Bone Zone 2018




Here ya go, Have some pics I got from the other Night!


I also have ported the last 3 streams to Youtube from my Twitch Archives!


I know the schedule has been Wednesdays and Saturdays mostly, but I decided to take this last wednesday off due to set building and preparation for new things, as well as needing a bit of a break.
The next episode of Bone Zone will be Saturday the 20th at 11pm EST

I know I’ve been saying I’m going to do earlier shows, and I still have intention to do so. I also still want to do several shows, some with different themes or events. I want to make sure to do a good number of shows, but even still it always feels like there’s pressure to do more, and taking time off makes it feel like I’m not getting things done…
Anyways I know it’s not nearly as serious as I’m making it out to be in my head, I just want everyone to have a good time. Thanks so much to anyone who’s participated and shown support and I hope to see you at the next show! :skull: :heart:


Thanks Lich, I hope you have one ready for when I’m available.


everyone watching asmr


Only stuff I got, the whole show was really funny, though!


the screenshots from the latest bone zone look really interesting, can’t wait for the videos


Those images look cool


I made this because It looks cool as a concept. The Models are made by Bromhamsam yet I made the bus stop area.


Had a fantastic time! You know, despite my stuff not really loading. Here’s my best picture, IMO.
Maybe I’ll make it next time, and continue my bit…


Here’s some of the pictures I took of yesterday’s fantastic episode!


These are nicely made, you photograph artist


The next show is regular schedule, regular time - Wednesday October 24th 11pm EST
I’ve been talking with my co-host Skeleman to try and figure out when we can do a daytime show, his schedule is a little more regular than it was last year so it’s a little tough but I’ll let you know as soon as we can do an earlier show.

Some seriously 10/10 screenshots/videos I’m seeing up here really loving it. Especially these crazily artsy shots by @VTail

The only real set in stone plans we have right now is as usual, same times as we do on Wednesdays and Saturdays -11pm. As afore mentioned I’m trying to squeeze in at least one extra show durring daytime for those of you on different time zones.
As always love ya, appreciate ya, always so happy to feel so supported for something so silly. :heart: :skull:


I hope we can do a daytime show by the end of the month! :slight_smile:

Also when I say daytime show I mean 3pm your time 8pm my time or stuff like that! :slight_smile:


ayyyy an episode on my birthday - i’ll see if i can make it


Change of plans boi’s, I know I said Wednesday at 11, but it turns out Skeleman has some schedule changes and we’re going to have to do an earlier show.
The next show will now be at Wednesday October 24th 9pm EDT
Sorry for any confusion, thanks for your patience.

*Edit : It’s daylight savings time I messed up by saying “EST” It’s actually EDT. Whoops. Either way I’ll post about it in TU chat as it’s happening.


Missing it gives me the incentive to haunt this thread like my undeath depended on it. I’ll catch the next one!


Here’s a few of the photos I took from last night’s episode


I like the chef with the double chef hat