The Bone Zone 2018


Wait what? what happened?


I got called in to work. :sob::sob::sob:
I’m so sorry! I’ll (probably) be there for part two.



huh i’m the default playermodel on your screen, strange


Hey Lich, I hope I can make a show sometime this October. When are you planning to do the next show? Also I hope you are doing shows for those in different time zones.


yeah 11 pm for them is like 5 am in europe, daylight appears when the show is going on hahaha


yeah i didn’t get to the one a few days ago, i got sleepy waiting


Alright guys and ghouls as it stands the next time I’ll be doing Bone Zone is around 11pm EST on Wednesday the 10th. If any plans change I’ll be sure to let you know.

Also, @Agent2583 I’ll try and see what I can do to make show times more diverse but as it stands right now I’m on a pretty backwards sleep pattern so it’s a a little easier for me to do things late.

Edit : I’ll be making room for some people who didn’t make it last time so anyone I previously friended so they could attend may not be on my friends list this time around. Don’t take it personally and go nuts like I’ve banished you from the show. I just need to make sure since it has a limit of how many people can attend, that I let others who didn’t make it have a chance as well.


I can’t be there so there’s another slot


Glad to hear @The_Lich, I enjoyed being on your show last year. I can’t wait to be there again I hope.


wish i could be there…
but alas i can not :frowning:


I’ll be there to stream it at!


Some gifs of the fun and blorping

More crashes this time but still fun!


Now that was a The Bone Zone 2018.


The BuffCat Bouncer Buddies


Allow me to upload some of last night’s pickings!


Intermission that’s a good one!


Next Bone Zone is scheduled for today, Saturday October 13th 11pm EST.
As per usual there’s a pretty okay chance for there being a delay to the show due to having to gather cast members and certain irl issues with timing.

Thanks for the gifs, screenshots, streams and videos, keep em coming. :slight_smile:


Never joined a Bone Zone myself due to timezones, but I might be able to make it this time.
Hopefully there will be enough slots c:


If you don’t make it you can catch it on my Twitch at