The Bone Zone 2018






Can I stream It on my channel? Tokin Podcast?


I mean, someone is already streaming it and recording it.


doesn’t look confirmed to me (not that i will stream)


Hope i don’t miss out on this like i previously did.


A few friendly reminders/faqs about The Bone Zone :

  • The first show is in fact tonight around 10-11ish (I know not a very accurate professional time but usually we go to the Plaza and chat for a bit and make sure everyone’s around before we start.
  • Not everyone is going to make it in due to my computer not being able to host for much more than 32 players at once. (Before anyone offers to host for me, please understand it’s easier to control a show you’re doing via hosting the condo yourself. Thank you but no thank you. :heart:)
  • If you don’t make it in don’t worry, there will be multiple Bone Zone showings throughout the month and you will sooner than later make it to one. I keep an eye out for people who missed a show, and try to make sure they can make it to the next.
  • If you want to stream the show (given that you make it in) please do. Since not everyone will make it in, it would be helpful for anyone who wants a peek at what it’s like to be able to see it via stream.
  • If you want to record/edit the show and post the link on this thread, please do. Everything feels like it happens so fast and it’s hard to remember what we did.
  • It’s encouraged that you take pictures and post them on this thread. It’s always helpful to have photos, to use for memories/posters/bru ray covers, etc.
  • There’s always posters, a bru ray jewel case, and other things made by the crew that you can hang in your condo to remember your experience and have as a conversation piece. So stick around and keep an eye out for those.
  • Please keep in mind our mission statement is fun but if you’re too disruptive or try and ruin the flow of the show (taking over, constantly talking as we try to continue, purposely trying to be an annoyance) you can and will be kicked. I’m more than patient with people a lot of the time, but unfortunately sometimes the joke is taken too far.
  • You flatter me by thinking I have the next episode date planned already but I assure you I don’t. I just kind of make it up as I go along, and I’ll post/spread the word when I know.

Hope you all have a great time tonight. Any other questions/comments feel free to ask.


I’m going to be there!


I think it is EST


I’m so exited for my first bone zone, I feel like I deserve it!




question: what lobby will we wait in before we start?


Gonna be streaming the Bone Zone Live here:

Feel free to tune in if you miss it!


Dance time!


(shaking was me laughing, sorry)



That was amazing :smile:


Already missed the first one… welp, sucks to be me.


I was streaming it on my twitch at So you should be able to find it there too in my Archives. I started the stream an hour early so you should be able to skip ahead and watch it all save for 10 minutes when I accidentally disconnected. (I got back in tho, no worries.)


So sad I couldn’t go in my parents had to drive me to the hospital