The Bone Zone 2017


Can’t believe [Redacted] happened during episode [Redacted].


Y’know at this point I may just add a found footage filter to that entire episode and edit it like a paranormal activity movie… felt like one with us all losing our damn minds :nail_care:


For example: “This was the behaviour of a 17 year old man during the recording, first he tried to act in character: (Excerpt from the show: “Question from the Audience, what was your most famous piece of art?” “It is a good piece, but what makes it so famous?”) But when gun shots happened, that was where it went out of control. (Excerpt: “You shot the wrong guy.”) And then when Jerry smoked us, it got out of hand fast (Excerpt: Agent Suffocating “I think he’s dead” then “You wanna fight me motherbleep?” and then it was biz as usual on The Bone Zone”


Just been going through all my footage today. It may take longer than i thought to edit it all together as i may have to split the raw footage since its 40GB in size. But the quality is pretty nice though.


##Episode 7 go’s live Saturday October 28th 11pm EST
The only new notable difference with this episode will be that instead of having Drumm Fright Room Variation 4, as you’d expect since we get a new variation every Saturday, Bitfox has told me that we will be getting Variation 4 on Halloween Night for the Season Finale of The Bone Zone.

Also, we just got our hands on some cool new Bone Zone memorabelia that you can hang in your condo :

Including this exclusive signed poster from everyones favorite Bartender from Skeleman’s Bone Pit…Barry!


And when is the Season Finale?


The Season Finale is on Halloween, it’ll probably be the standard 11pm time.


Disappointing. I really enjoyed being part of the “Lost Episode”. I think the reason it all went to the lost pile was because there was no action allowing you to disable the throw able projectiles.

But still, I would really like to see what happened. Will it all be on YouTube, being classed as “Unlisted?”


“The lost episode” part is kind of a gag, anyone is free to upload whatever, but it was a very difficult episode simply because a lot of the show is me taking control. I do enjoy audience participation, but first and foremost I feel like I need to be able to tell people when to sit and listen, and when it’s time to interact.
Some interaction is fine, but the whole show was so out of control. Throwing knives, everyone talking at once, it was hard to tell a story when everyone wants to be involved at the same time. We really just needed more silence and control over the situation.

On the bright side though this is the second time The Bone Zone has made direct changes to condos. The first being the player count slider and this time being…

Ta da! Not to mention Jerry’s cousin Charles making the cut as an npc. Overall I think we’re doing pretty well for ourselves this year.

None the less I’m glad you had a good time, even if it was hands down the most difficult episode I’ve done to date, as long as people had fun that’s what matters.


I will definitely be calling it the lost episode. After tonights show is done i will be right onto editing my footage now that i finally sorted my rendering issues with premiere pro.


Do me a favor and go heavy on bleeps and/or scene missings if/when I start to absolutely lose my shit. Skeleman however really wanted the opposite, a montage of him actively losing his shit. lmao


Feel free to add every time I lose my temper because ohhhohoh it happened.


I could make a full video compilation with every moment someone loses it on the set. Then put the best bunch into the lost episode.


Wacky rage screen effects included.


I think my rage when fighting Skeleman should be in there. I find it funny.

I can’t wait to see the lost episode of The Bone Zone cause it’s funny. :stuck_out_tongue:



Damn, I Missed the Skellen show last night?! Did she do her trademark thing where she gives away tens of thousands of bones to deserving skeletons who need them?


It was unfortunate that had to miss it due to the technical issues with your condo but i had to go before it started because of work and boring responsible adult stuff. :disappointed:


@ProcopiousJones @jebuzjack
Applogies to anyone who couldnt make the show last night, it was a bit of a technical nightmare.
But on the bright side…We’ve got one last show before the season finale on Halloween!
##Bone Zone is live, tonight at 11pm EST
Don’t miss out on some wacky stuff we’ve got planned, with only 2 shows left we’ve got a few kookie ideas in store.


So As part of a partnership with The Bone Zone i’m obligated to post this Advertisement to the Forum thread for everyone. Enjoy!