The Bone Zone 2017



I was shocked when i read “tonight” but then i read “last show before the finale”, i’ll be there at the night of 31 october.


Alas, I can’t make this one :tired_face:

Still though, I wish you all a beautiful finale!


Today is the day it’s all been leading up to, guys and ghouls. We’ve had our fun, done our shows, and made sure to have some laughs along the way but the night has finally come…

The Bone Zone Season Finale Tonight at 11pm EST

The season finale is finally here and we’ve got some Halloween fun in store for anyone who can make it out to our show tonight. We’ve got a bit planned for tonight, so anyone who can come please be patient as the condo more than likely will crash a few times. No worries though, the show will go on and I assure you it’s gonna be…lit!


I’ll try to go this time. I haven’t been to a Bone Zone since last year.


I’m sorry bro, gonna have to miss out on the Season Finale tonight. I had completely forgotten about chores and such. I wish y’all the best of luck. :grin:



Man, almost 5 hours of bone zone this night,
this will take some time to edit, but with this amount of footage, compressing it to around 5 minutes will really squeeze the best of the best highlights out of this season finale show

i loved being at the end and it really made my halloween for sure, thanks for everyone for making this a blast and see you next year at the next bone zone (or just anywhere else, recording my dumb videos nobody understands)

But, Yeah.


First of all, thank you so much to Lich, Skeleman, Bitfox, the not sure if official or un-official members of the Zone like: Krionikal and Chimera, Bubba that one time they came (and his hype man in Drumm), the people I totally forgot because it’s like 3am and am so sorry, and everybody else who made the show amazing to watch!

[details=A LOT of images of the finale]



Thank you everyone for coming out to the season finale of The Bone Zone, it was an absolute blast, it didn’t go off without a few bumps in the road but I had an amazing time. I’m so glad I got to do everything I wanted, and I hope it brought all of you some joy in your own way. Can’t wait until I see all the possibilities we have coming up next year during The Bone Zone Season 3! I love you all, thank you so much for your support and making it out as much as you did! Happy Halloween everyone! :heart:


Hope everyone enjoyed the shows! Thanks to @The_Lich, @Skeleman, and the rest of the Bone Zone crew for producing an incredible season 2. If you were a fan of our band Drumm, we’ve got real t-shirts for sale on Teespring. They’re not limited availability, despite what the website may say. Happy Halloween and here’s to another great season!


Could only show during [Redacted] due to time zones but thank you Bone Zone crew for doing this. :heart:


Can’t wait for the Bru Ray release with the special features featuring the lost episode


Missed out on the Finale, unfortunately. I was tied to a slot with handcuffs. Glad to be at least a part of this in some way, even if my first time joining was “one of the worst episodes”. Hope to have some better times with you guys now that you can disable throwables. :slight_smile: :heart:


The Clone Zone 2017 - Finale
Featuring: The Lichlings


It was sad that I had to leave during the Drumm: Fright Room Variation 4 concert, but otherwise it was a great show and I hope to see the Bone Zone come back for Season 3, even bigger and better than ever!

A BoneLoad of Pictures from the Season Finale (WARNING: Contains Graphic Images of a Slaughtered Pumpkin)

P.S. What’s going to happen with Jerry now that Charles is going to be part of Season 3?


@2Joe No problem, all in the name of fun and good times. :smiley:
@Agent2583 I’m going to have to work on the cover art for that sooner or later…probably a little later, I need to take some well earned time off.
@spongeyperson It was quite a disaster, but I’m glad you were involved at all, and oh my goodness it was so much better with #1 throwing projectiles off, and #2 my newly acquired iron fist rules of “Do what I say or get thrown out”
@bromhamsam I for the life of me was so caught up I couldn’t figure out who the Lichlings were, but I adored their ability to listen when I told them to shoo, and their little dance on the bru ray player. :heart:
@ProcopiousJones So glad you could make it, and yeah the concert was the biggest yet, so some people didn’t make it all the way through unfortunately. Well as far as I know right now Charles just works in the plaza, and Jerry works for us. Maybe they’ll give us access to his model, but even still he’d probably just visit.


Plot twist
I was a Lichling B)


Here are my pictures from the season finale.

I still need a host for The Clone Zone.


For all of those of you who waited so patiently, and worked so hard, it’s all paid off. Now you can hang your very own Tower Ball trophies in your condo, as a badge of honor. We, Tower Unite, are the Tower Ball Champions of 2017!

Also if you wish, here are some Tower Ball posters to remember the good times.