The Bone Zone 2017


you should start it at 10PM est


Well, I’ll definitely be able to make the show tonight, however I won’t be able to make the show on October 25th due to conflicts with my college class schedule.



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Here is the livestream recording, now with my beautiful voice!


Nine out of ten doctors agree that doing too many episodes of The Bone Zone in rapid succession could be bad for my health, and they might be right…BUT DOCTOR NUMBER 10 HAS GOT ALL OUR POSTERS AND BRU-RAYS AND HE KNOWS THAT THE SHOW MUST GO ON!


Join us tonight as we make memes and dreams alike come true, on another amazing episode of Tower Unite’s #1 (and only) Talk Show!


I have a feeling the 25th is going to be AWESOME!


Coming at ya with another bonezone recording, Also with a little Halloween update bonus!


Everyone please keep in mind our first SUPER EARLY day show is going live tomorrow (today…depending on time zones)
##Wednesday October 25th 3pm EST
Hopefully everything go’s off without a hitch and we have a great show for any/everyone who wasn’t able to make the later times. Hope to see you there!!


YES! Thank you @The_Lich I will definitely be there for 8pm GMT!


As if we didn’t have enough solid gold videos by our beloved audience, we’ve got hot off the press @A_Blue_Gryphon’s take on episode 2. A little late, but not without love, be sure to show Gryphon some appreciation for his efforts!

Again thank you everyone who tapes and/or edits our shows. Your efforts do not go overlooked! We love you all for all the support! :heart:


Sorry, but i cant make it today, school ends at 3pm and i have family to visit. I’m hoping somebody else can record/stream today, cause i cant. Anyways, have a good talk show, i’m definitely going to make the finale if anything.


I should be able to make this one i hope.


Something for you guys.


Sorry that I couldn’t make it to today’s show Lich. I’ll still try to make it to other shows including the Season Finale. (which I assume will be on Halloween)


Well that was a 4 hours long episode i have ever been to, I’ve learned a lot today.


Aha, finally the first person to post this in the thread. Kudos!
I really am a fan of this easter egg, another one of those you have to pay attention to the community to get it sort of inside jokes.

As for anyone apologizing for missing the latest episode, we’re sort of joking that it’s a lost episode due to the extreme chaos that ensued. I assure you, nothing was missed except for maybe complete meltdowns via myself and Skeleman.
Also our guest today was @bromhamsam and we’re going to have to have her as a repeat guest due to the fact that things spiraled completely out of control. Next time we’re going to have to crack down harder on those who can’t follow instructions, and play nice, but otherwise thank you everyone who stuck by me as I went through probably one of the most difficult episodes to date. :heart:


Well will the lost episode still appear on the Season 2 boxset as a bonus feature?
I’ll be honest, those throwing knifes causing chaos were a bad idea.


@Agent2583 We’ll add a secret code to the Bru Ray menu to play the episode, but also doing so will call the police on you for viewing top secret footage. Despite it being absolute chaos I hope you at least had a good time!


Exactly how will it be top secret when @jebuzjack has recorded the footage? Maybe he’ll set it to Unlisted?