The Bone Zone 2017


October is here, and you know what that means.

More details soon…

Edit : Times and dates are not set yet, we will be doing multiple shows much like on GMT, where as last year we only did 2 nights, hence this being “Season 2”
For those of you not familiar with the show, here’s some highlights from last years two night special.


It returns.

We are ready.




Bring on the Bone Zone!




Oh boy i cant wait for the bone zone! :slight_smile:


Words can’t describe the emotions that come around when it’s Bone Zone month.


When is it, and where will it be hosted? At what time GMT?



Hopefully I can catch it this time


Usually later at night, sometime between 11pm - 1am EST
I wish I had more of a set schedule for people to go by, but more or less it’s an on the fly kind of thing. I’ll try and give a heads up a good period of time before a show starts. It will probably be easier once we start getting into the groove of things.


I don’t know why but this absolutely killed me, hahaha.



@The_Lich if its possible, please notify me -as soon as you have specific as possible times or when the shows start- on discord or steam (i haven’t been online on steam as much lately so preferrably Discord), i need footage of this.



Woh mama



Am i allowed to be a skeleton or is that racist?


Feel free to let your bones hang out…wait no, don’t quote me on that.


Apparently, @The_Lich said in game he might be doing some Daytime talk shows to those who can’t make the night show. It all depends if his Co-Host is there. I personally like this idea.