The Bone Zone 2017


SWEET! I should be able to make this one. Is this one open to the public or is it friends-only?


When I make it public I get a full server and then I can’t do anything, but I’ll see if I can let some more people slide in if the numbers start to dwindle.
Probably the same method as always though, friend me on steam and I’ll let you in. :thumbsup:


Alright. I sent you my Steam info in a PM earlier, so. If you have trouble finding it, feel free to PM me with your info.


Wait, there’s an episode tonight?! I hope I’ll be able to make it in.

Also, before I forget, here are some of my highlights from the last show:


I’ll definitely make it this time, and also reason i didn’t make it last time was due to a monopoly game, but tonight i have nothing planned, so i’m all good in the hood :sunglasses:


T’hats my Secret, Lich:
-Im Always Free


Was not able to be there for the whole ride but i got two gifs.


SHOW WAS FANTASTIC!! The Drumm performance was also top-notch. Thank you so much for hosting!

Here’s some pics:


Still waiting on the 3pm EST show… :stuck_out_tongue:


we miss you each time agent!


Don’t blame me for being asleep during each Bone Zone episode, blame the timings. 3pm Est will do nicely.


Ok so, i got a recording of the bone zone last night, but in a cruel twist of fate, i wake up this morning to find out that youtube took the vid down for copyrighted music, so THANK GOD its still up on twitch (at least i hope). So id highly recommend watching the vid now before its too late. Here it is:


Believe me you’re going to get your show, I’ve got at least one goofy unique thing planned for the super early showing, problem is I don’t know if I’ll be able to do a second early showing, BUT WE’LL MAKE SURE YOU’RE THERE FOR THE DAY SHOW!

@Tanooki_Jon Thanks so much for streaming it for us Jon, appreciate it :slight_smile:


A day show on like a saturday would be great


i thought the show was now, turns out it was one day earlier, oh.


it took me 1 week to make these videos:


btw, i got a copyright claim on the 3rd video from not only all star but also “Young Mascka” that is not similar to rich curry’s (unless his was just a english/parody/remix version of that song)


Any news for The Bone Zone 3pm EST show?


We’re shooting for Wednesday the 25th, 3pm EST. I’m going to post about it and a few other shows I’m planning for the week because there’s not much time left in October and I want to be able to do a handful more shows before it’s all said and done.


Alright so October only has 10 days left and you know what that means, we gotta enjoy The Bone Zone before it’s gone.

Here’s what we’ve got scheduled for the next 3 shows :
##New Bone Zone Tonight, Saturday October 21st 11pm EST
There is a 100% chance of The Bone Zone going down tonight, with ANOTHER brand new live performance by Tower Unite’s very own home grown super band Drumm.

As if that’s not enough we’ve also got a few special shows planned for the week. As requested we’re going to be doing a daytime talk show for those of you unable to make the night shows, currently scheduled for Wednesday October 25th 3PM EST

I’m also going to be a little busy this week, so I was thinking of calling in a favor from everyone’s favorite shop keeper and Bru Ray enthusiast, @Rob to see if he’ll host the show for me for a night.

Other than that we’ll keep you all posted on whats going down, thanks for the support and I hope to see you all at tonight’s show!