The Bone Zone 2017


Dangit. Don’t think I can make this one cause I’m going to my boss’s birthday party tomorrow. Ah, well. Say hi to Dave for me!!


Making the show on the 14th is a Solid MAYBE for me due to other obligations that I have to fulfill, as well as some going to see some actual spooks in real life. Besides, if there’s any show I don’t want to miss, it’s going to be the Season-Finale and/or Haloween show.


I’ll try to make it there, and most possibly record it aswell.


These should be streamed by someone from the inside, so those that can’t make it can run back to their condos and throw it up on the media players :grin:


I think i have an idea.
Not only will i record it, i may stream it aswell.


They always are streamed.


yeah both times there have been people streaming already


I’m going to try to make it every night to the bone zone, but there is no guarantee. I’ll be sure to make it tonight if i can!


I can assist with streaming if need be… That is if, I can get in… I’m assuming lich is going to have it friends only, so depending if he accepts my friend request, I might be able to get in


[quote=“Lorgruk, post:106, topic:24398, full:true”]
With the whole signed posters thing, and the new people friend system. Can only the people who were actually there get them?
[/quote] @Lorgruk That’s actually a really smart question. I was trying to make it so people who were at that particular year of the show were rewarded with signed copy’s of the posters. I did have an exclusive signed photo of Jerry from last year ONLY for people who came to the show, but this year we have so many more people coming it’s so hard to keep track, so anyone who wants to support us by putting our images in their condo are welcome to it! :heart:

@Spriteclad I’m sorry to hear you wont be able to make it to this one but don’t worry there’ll be other shows! Also, honestly I sure hope Dave isn’t there. The show is already such a handful, and Dave is so out of control. lmao

@ProcopiousJones Solid maybe’s are a big part of my life now a days so I totally understand. Also you would be smart to not miss the Season Finale. :wink: Usually the best is saved for last.

@Br0chure I know you’ve already gotten several responses but officially from me, I assure you I encourage taping/streaming so people who can’t make it can also be involved. I really should read the stream chat as well as a segment. :thinking:

Reminder : Lots of people are planning on coming, or streaming, or being involved, we can’t have every single person present unfortunately. We try to keep it on a rotation so a handful of new people can make it to each show. So if tonight isn’t your night, no worries, we’ll try and make room for you next time!


you guys ever eat tabasco sauce the wrong way?

if so



Got some low quality gifs here


I can’t get over how much I love this show


“Do you ever just have a stroke on camera” - The Lich

It was pretty good overall.


The stream archive. Feel free to download it somehow and make highlights out of it or something… Or just edit it. xD



Y’ever just confuse the crap out of yourself, delete your post and then have to re-post your post? Me too, here we go, reposting now :

Video shot and edited by @Link of night 2 (despite the name saying night 1, no worries I’m sure that will be fixed #soon)

And of course if you were part of episode 2 please check out Rich Curry’s soundcloud and leave him some love


fixed it.


Uhhhh, hey guys. I literally haven’t planned anything for this whole week, due to personal issues, been kind of stressed and going through a bit of a tough time, BUT I don’t want to miss any episodes of The Bone Zone sooo, how about we try and do one tonight?

##New Bone Zone Tonight, Wednesday October 18th 11pm EST

Sorry for the short notice, I have been planning some things about doing a 3pm EST day show, but the date hasn’t been ironed out yet. Have to make sure I can get at least a handful of the cast to show up. That will probably happen next week. Thanks for being patient, again sorry for the short notice, appreciate your support, hope you can make it and have a fun time!


11PM on wednesday thats a pretty hard time