The Bone Zone 2017


Fire in the sound room.

Drumm was to hoppin’ for the equipment to handle!!!


Good one, boys.


See you on Saturday.


##For anyone looking for Bone Zone memorabilia of previous years :


Based off this video :


unsigned poster pending, signed posters are limited edition for people who made it to the show, check back for an edited version of this post

Based off this video :


Episode 2!


The Bone Zone 2: This time, it’s not very personal at all.


Here are some of my Highlights from the show (as well as a bit of before, and after):

Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent in The Bone Zone! I hope to be back the next time show airs on Saturday!


Darn. Shame I couldn’t join this time around. Ah well, there’s always the next show!!


First time i’ve heard of The Bone Zone ;-;

Why wasn’t i there? Why didn’t i pay attention? WHY IS THIS THE FIRST TIME I HEAR OF THE BONE ZONE.


I’ll post my screenshots once I get home.

It was fucking amazing

EDIT: Here are my screenshots!

Can’t wait for more Bone Zone!


@Spriteclad Sorry you couldn’t make it, it’s hard to get the right balance of who’s coming and going. I’ll try to make sure you make it next time.

@C00LDUD3 I’m glad you had a good time, and anyone who made it I assure you we were happy to have you!

@Opacity Believe it or not lots of people haven’t herd of The Bone Zone, even GMT regulars. It’s only really mentioned around October, or if you walk in my condo and see the posters. It’s like how lots of people shop at Rob’s Imports, but actually don’t even know the origins of who Rob is.

Quick GMT/TU History Lesson with Lich :
Rob made his first appearance in Gmod Tower Lobby 2 and is noted for his booming deep voice, back problems, and other wacky quirks. Often greeting people with “My name Rob, I like to yell!” Sometimes described as “The Spirit of Friendship.” Seeing as he’s almost always has nothing but good things to say to those he meets in Tower. Encouraging people to have fun, and a good day.
He was looking for 'lectronics (the electronics store) and more specifically wanted to buy a “bru-ray player.” He happened to wander onto the set of Pixeltail’s testimonial video, and they seemed to enjoy it enough to throw him in as a joke at the end.

The next time Rob made his way through Tower, to his surprise he was greeted as a celebrity.
Being humble, but always willing to help a friend, Rob used this leverage to encourage players to fund Tower Unite. Knowing full well if Tower Unite’s crowd funding failed, Pixeltail would give up on Gmod Tower.

Eventually Tower Unite was funded and Rob was overjoyed. His beloved Bru-Ray player was even added to the game, though that wasn’t the end of his story. A certain GUY at Pixeltail saw his determination and struck up a deal that Rob couldn’t possibly resist. Now not only can he enjoy Tower and it’s community, but he gets his own little bit of real estate. Long live the legend that is @Rob, glad to see you making it places in the world! :heart:


Episode 3 is happening Saturday, October 14th 11pm EST

That’s right ladies and jerks, Bone Zone is stronger than valve. We can in fact count to 3 and we’re going to do it in a big way, with a BRAND NEW live performance by the Tower Unite super band Drumm.

Since the last episode we have also re-introduced the most amazing game sensation to ever hit Tower since it’s one and only appearance in Lobby 2.
The return of Tower Ball!

The most confusing and satisfying game with rules that may or may not make actual sense.
THE POINT IS, we were the Champions of Tower Ball in 2015, in 2016 we didn’t even get a chance to defend our title because there was no Tower Ball league…BUT NOW IT’S BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!
Help us climb the ladder, win our games, and by the end of October maybe we the residents of Tower Unite can once again claim our title as the undisputed champions of Tower Ball. Don’t you want a Tower Ball 2017 trophy to showcase in your home along with your other Bone Zone related merchandise? Of course, who wouldn’t?

Again thank you so much to everyone who made it out to our last show, and also a special thanks to @balianthemighty for trying to stream for us. Yes, you are thanked publicly even if there are technical difficulties. The Bone Zone is no stranger to things going wrong, and we apprecaite your efforts! :heart:
Another special thanks to @Tanooki_Jon for streaming it for us, and for any of those of you who couldn’t make it inside, know that we still care and are glad you could be part of the fun.

REMINDER : We try and keep our shows on a rotation of at least a few new people so if you get deleted off my friends list to make room for someone new for the saturday show please do not take offense. It’s nothing personal, we just need to make sure to reach new audience members. There should be someone streaming for us, and we’ll post the link in the chat or here on the forums.

Love you all, thank you so much for all of your support. Remember it’s all about fun, and making friends so have a good time and lets keep this community great!!


Ooh Tower Ball! Will it be there on another episode? Cause I can’t make tomorrow cause of time issues


Of course, we’re fully aware of your time issues and I’ll see what I can do about having a super early show.
It will be a bit of a stretch and I might be missing some crew members, but I have been joking about making it a “daytime talk show special.” Since we’re supposed to be a late night talk show and all. I’ll keep you posted, thanks for being patient, I know you’re really excited to be part of the action.


I know this show is a Late Night Talk Show. But I still want to be part of the action! :smiley:


we need to have a surprise next episode when the Halloween update comes out


So… is there a way to watch it…?


Im hoping to be there for tomorrow night, for the bone zone show… @The_Lich, do I have to add you to join in?


@Creepkillpop More than likely the Halloween update will inspire some cool new ideas.

@vtipoman You can come see it live in my condo, or you can check out some of the links in this admittedly gigantic thread. There are several recorded versions, and some still yet to come out from last nights. As I mentioned my computer wont allow me to have 64 people at once without becoming a slide show, so I always try to have someone streaming it for those who can’t make it inside.

@GameNerdz Yeah I usually just wipe a few people off my friends list from the last show, and ask people to add me on steam so I can pick a few lucky contestants to come see.


@The_Lich I added you on steam then.


With the whole signed posters thing, and the new people friend system. Can only the people who were actually there get them?