The Bone Zone 2017


As for the crowd being super excited and kind of more in control of the show than me! It’s hard to have any sort of control when everyone’s just screaming and feeding off each others energy. One guy yells at something, then everyone wants to be yelling, then everyone’s just having fun yelling. Everything was so instantly out of my hands every time I tried to do anything because the audience was just so excited to be at the show. Night 1 is always messy, but as long as people had a good time that’s what really matters.

We’ll set some new guidelines that leave room for craziness, reactions, and fun, but overall you have to let the host control the flow of the show, otherwise we could all just join a condo and yell over each other.
Still you guys are passionate, and I appreciate your excitement :heart:


Any new dates/times known yet? Its hard to plan when the shows are just done at random


I knew next to nothing about The Bone Zone before we chatted. Now I’m here, learning about how much fun you guys have every time you do this.

It looks stupid.

I love it.

But I do apologize about preemptively friending you. I hadn’t known that you were this much of a popular figure at the time. It’s ok with me if you need to bump me off for more choice audience members, or whatever. Hope to see you around again, though!


I’m glad to have run into you, and have opened your eyes to our wacky little presentation. To be fair I’m usually pretty unpopular 11 out of 12 months out of the year, or at least it feels that way, and no problem about the friend request. :slight_smile: I like your attitude and understanding that I might have to shuffle my friends list around a bit, I’d really love to see you make it to one of the shows as well. Thanks for sticking around for the tour!

Also to anyone else listening in I do a little pseudo tour of the set, with the history of The Bone Zone read aloud for those of you who want more insight on where it all started.


Our current plan for the next show is :

Thursday October 12th

We’re going to try and get everything up and rolling by at least 7pm EST

We’re trying to iron out the details now, but it’s going to be more or less the same as the last time (or at least try to be) for those who couldn’t attend. The show is happening earlier for people on different time zones and schedules.
The fantastic super band that is Drumm will be performing the same live concert as last time for those of you who happened to miss out, we’ll see who’s available in case of streaming/taping it for those of you who can’t make it in, you can at least still experience it. Any updates or changes will be posted in this thread, thank you everyone for your support and patience, hope to see you there!


At least 7pm EST? I’ll try and make it…


you better
just kidding

i will try really hard to be at this show too


I’ll 100% be able to make it, and it’ll be on my desktop- so I can record it for you if needs must


oooh weee


It’s sad that I couldn’t make it back on the 7th, but I want to try and watch at least 1 episode live in the Bone Zone Studios this year. It looks like I’ll be able to make it this Thursday, so I hope to see you then! (If I’m able to reserve a ticket, if you’re still planning on doing that)


Alright everybody the two versions are out.

Thanks to TRSCP (#TeamOrange) we’ve got a vod of the show on his Twitch channel (which you should totally check out!)

And the edited much more condensed version of the show as shot/edited by @Link

It was a wild ride that I was mostly out of control of, with as mentioned in the youtube video title suggests was filled with technical difficulties. At the very least we got to do some condo stress testing for Pixeltail, so there’s that!
Hope you all enjoy and remember the chaos is part of the fun (but hopefully next time we’ll have it a little more under control)


Mac was in the Bone Zone? Wow


When you’ve been caught as the elf on the shelf


##Bone Zone go’s live today at 7pm EST
Friendly reminder everyone that an earlier scheduled episode is go’s live today, so lets try and pull a good audience. If anyone can stream it for those who can’t make it, or anyone would like to record that, along with screen caps are always encouraged.
Today our special guest is Sound Cloud rapper gone world wide sensation Rich Curry, he’s also performing do his very first Tower Unite concert opening for the super band themselves…Drumm whom will be doing an encore performance of their last show for anyone who happened to miss it.

Thank you everyone for your patience and passion, and we hope to see you tonight on The Bone Zone!


One question. Are you still planning on doing some sort of crowd control where you only let around 30 people in via making them your friends on Steam and setting the condo to friends only?


Yeah I’m going to have to otherwise my PC can’t handle much over 30. Going to try and get some people who haven’t been before and MAYBE someone can come in and stream it for the others who can’t make it? Hopefully? Unfortunately our streamer from last time, TRSCP couldn’t make it this time around.


Can I be invited?


Alright, thanks for clearing that up! I also plan to make it to tonight’s taping, so I’ll hopefully see you in about an hour!


I’ll be available and can stream it. Never had a chance to see the bone zone before, so I’m excited