The Bone Zone 2017


Edit : Though it would not be fair to not credit someone who’s been there for every year putting his own spin on the taping/editing of The Bone Zone. @Link has been there since season 1 and we’re appreciative of his camera skills, even if he can be a little sassy sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks for always being there, Link! :heart:

Of course any/everyone is encouraged to tape raw or edited footage of The Bone Zone and upload your experience on youtube. Be sure to share your screen caps, videos, fan art, or any contributions you may have in this thread.
Or even little things like discussions, don’t be afraid to share your favorite part of a show, a moment that made you smile, or who your favorite personality is (Jerry obviously). All contributions are appreciated!


##He loves it.


Oh. :slight_smile:

Also, Sassy?! What how when huh, i guess.


Prepare yourselves guys! The Bone Zone is Tonight!
I got to prepare my words cause I am appearing on the show!


Only what, 7 hours?
Gonna set my alarm


Time to see if my laptop will run Tower on the lowest settings :weary:


Oh man! I’m gonna try to be there tonight. Super excited!!! :grin:


I might make some shows but not this one, this is a night show


gonna definitely make this one, hope to see you guys there! :wink:


I’m gonna ask The Lich for his signature. :wink:


@Tanooki_Jon Heck yeah, can’t wait to see you and everyone else who shows up tonight!
@mason_clark_source Aww, you’re sweet.
Speaking of exactly this, we do offer several autographed posters after the show is over, so you can have a poster to hang in your condo, to remember the good times you had, along with Bru Ray canvases among other neat things :slight_smile:


Episode 1 going live within the hour!

Just have to take care of a few things. People are hanging out in the New York server and waiting for the games to begin. :slight_smile:


i just did join, but it kicked me out and i can’t find it
Update: NVM, found it
Update 2: aaand it’s gone
Update 3: everyone got kicked because of technical difficulties
Update 3 & Knuckles: the server was full so here the link to watch the stream instead


Bone Zone was awesome tonight!!!


Tonight’s show was amazing. Had a blast!!! :smile:


Photos from Episode 1


Cool! When is episode 2?


First episode was HOT.
Thanks to everyone who stuck around for the Fright Room set ft. @Rob, @BubbyNeku (egg stand-in), @Krionikal, Jerry, T-Rex, and Flamingo.
Snag a signed poster:

More shows throughout october.


The First episode was great, as are these posters. :slight_smile:

Lets hope for even better episodes in the future!


Thank you so much everyone who made it out to the first episode of this season of The Bone Zone!
It was a little hectic at times, but I did figure out some fun stuff such as :

  • My computer will not allow me to host a full server of 64 people without dying
  • We may or may not need a safe word to chill out the audience
  • Drumm Live in concert gets better each and every time I see/participate with them
  • Word travels fast around Tower Unite

Here’s a photo of me, with my frame rate at an unplayable number, in awe of how many people actually showed up for the show.
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/4/c/4cb15a29b0d036d6bbab58e17a87d2f172128d96.jpg" width="690"height=“388”>

Skeleman’s witty commentary at me having mega anxiety about all the issues that came up.

My mic wouldn’t work properly, and looking around was a slow motion slide show. Literally unplayable so…looks like I may have to essentially “sell tickets” by friending people, and limiting how many people can enter per show.
Or as we did tonight have someone stream or record the shows for those who can’t make it inside. I could even make it into a segment where I check the stream for commentary :thinking:

We’ll look more into that later though and figure something out. The hardest part is over, we saw our limitations tonight and I was honestly blown away by the turn out of everything. Thank you so much to everyone who showed up to show their support, and apologies to anyone who was unable to make it, but thank you so much for trying! We all really appreciate it.

Special thanks to @emeraldbitfox for all of his amazing music, backdrops, posters, and more. The Bone Zone is proud to have Drumm as their official band.

More shows yet to come!
Nothing exactly planned yet, so please stand by for further details. We still have to plan out some daytime shows, and will end up doing a few skits/concerts over again so that anyone who may have missed them can also enjoy the fun.