The Bone Zone 2017


Missed out on 2016 and 2015 Bone Zone, had to watch the replay so hopefully this time I can make it!


idk what tf this is but I’m hyped :smiley:


This time. I’m gonna try being there. Never been on these!


The second video at the very top shows some clips from last year. :wink:
It’s a talk show I’ve been doing with my friends since GMT’s last Halloween update.


Saturday October 7th (roughly between) 11pm - 1am EST

There ya go guys and ghouls, The Bone Zone Season 2 Episode 1’s current course of action.
The only reason we don’t have an EXACT time is because the cast is on some wacky time zone stuff so we have to try and guesstimate when people will be around, and make room for possible complications.

Keep in mind :

  • We’re doing more than just one episode, much like in Gmod Tower. The only reason we did 2 last year was because the Halloween update came out later than expected. I wasn’t planning on doing any, when suddenly we planned the last minuet special.
  • There’s only 64 slots per condo server, several friends of mine weren’t able to make it last year so a few slots will be reserved for them, though even if you don’t make it to episode one, fear not, there will be many more.
  • Every episode will not necessarily be a brand new experience, there will be repeated skits for anyone who may have missed them (as we did on GMT) but no two episodes will be exactly the same. I’ll be trying to think up new things to do based on what worked in the previous episode.
  • All while I thoroughly enjoy audience participation, try and keep things down to being all in good fun. You can be loud, you can get wild, it’s honestly expected. Just make sure to follow the golden rule of “Don’t be a jerk.”
  • Taking photos, videos, and any sort of fan art, or any sort of creative expression about the show is encouraged, please feel free to post them in this thread.
  • It’s all about us, the community. Pixeltail gave us an amazing game, but what are games if not playgrounds to create our own fun through socializing? So tell some friends or even strangers, get hyped, and most importantly have a good time.

Any other details or updates I can think of I’ll be sure to post as soon as possible, feel free to ask questions, spread the word around Tower and if you see me in game don’t be afraid to come say hi!


Aw looks like I won’t be able to come, are you going to record/stream it?


@The_Lich I still think we should do daytime shows. 11pm - 1am EST will be when I am asleep and I won’t be able to make it.


@A_Blue_Gryphon is our camera guy right now.
He’s going to be recording most of the episodes when he’s available and I recall him saying he wanted to do a big recap episode to show off the highlights of the shows.

Also related to what @Agent2583 said, we will be doing some daytime shows so people in different time zones can make it. Unfortunately some of the cast are only available at certain times due to different reasons, but we’re going to do our best to make sure to do at least a few shows at different times so more people can attend.


I’ll do my best to be there! Question though, is it October 7th at 11pm / October 8th 1am or am i reading it wrong (it’s crucial info on whether i’ll be able to make it)
But besides that i saw you liked fanart :jack_o_lantern:



You’re totally right though, I didn’t clarify properly.
Somewhere between Saturday the 7th 11pm to Sunday the 8th 1am.
Somewhere around the Midnight-ish time frame, I’ll post updates on the day of to let people know whats happening.


My sleep schedule is already fucked up

I’ll see if I can make it!


will ROB be there with his bru ray player


I was actually thinking of having Rob host an episode at some point, but we’ll see how that turns out. :wink:


Hope to see you there, and if you don’t make it again we’re doing more than just this one episode.


I would make the time for 10PM to 12PM Est because not everyone is up that late lol :grin:


10pm to 12pm?! The Bone Zone 14 hour special.


that would only be like 3 hours


Midnight is AM, not PM. Think about it.


your right that’s what I meant lol


All good, also as I’ve mentioned before in the thread :