The Bone Zone 2017


@bromhamsam I should have known! IT’S THE PERFECT CRIME!!
@Rec_Morn[quote=“Rec_Morn, post:207, topic:24398”]
I still need a host for The Clone Zone.

Try my lawyer, HAH. No but really, cloning people without consent is probably illegal, and making them host a cloned version of my show is also probably some sort of legal ordeal.


An episode of The Bone Zone that never made it to air. With a mixture of knife and gun violence and chaos from the audience this episode did not make the cut. This never before seen and longer than usual episode is available on the Extras of The Bone Zone: Season 2 Bru Ray release.


This was never intended to be released to the public. Beware, viewer, as this episode may well drive you insane.


Good lord the editing on this is outstanding :fearful:


[Applause sound effect]

Can’t believe you went out and edited a train wreck of an episode. :heart:

Never noticed how my voice and laugh are annoying sometimes, sorry for having you deal with that.


I actually had a lot of fun editing that. It was also the biggest video project i have done in terms of video length.


Thanks @jebuzjack, now I can watch what might possibly be my only appearance on the Bone Zone until next early show next year


Ladies and gentlemen, the last installment of the series, the season finale of season 2 as shot and edited by Tower’s very own @Link
Make sure to leave some kind words, and thank you all so much for all of your love and support, and stand by for the necro bump, when I bring you the jewel case for The Bone Zone Season 2 Bru-Ray jewel case.


Bloody good job @Link on the final episode. Really enjoyed being apart of it and watching the edited version.


the ratings are way lower than expected sadly

(is it because i edited it to the music therefore stretching out some parts too much? who knows…)


When is the Bru Ray release?


Oh you know it’s ya boi, once again guilty of bringing you back to say

After finishing season two I had collapsed into my vacation, exhausted from all the effort I had poured into it, but fear not…because the Bru Rays and signed posters are FINALLY done.
Bru Ray Cover :

Signed Season 2 Poster :

Again thank you everyone who participated in The Bone Zone last year, and thank you for your patience (or lack there of) in me getting these out so late. For anyone ready to ask questions about season 3, nothing in particular is planned yet, and we’re going to play it by ear and see how things go. Thank you so much again, and have a great day.


Cheers @The_Lich, however I did make this as an Alternative Cover

Can’t wait for the Season 3 edition, I would like to feature again. But let’s hope it won’t be as chaotic as last time!


That’s actually pretty neat @Agent2583 , I had a good laugh reading the description of the alternative cover. Here’s hoping that season 3 go’s off without a hitch, and that things are much more organized than previous.