Steam Achievements, Stats, Leaderboards, and Badges/Milestones

  • "Laser Tag: Recharge Station" has been checked off on the "Milestone Items" checklist.

  • "Casino: Throwable Units" has been checked off on the "Milestone Items" checklist.

  • "Theater: Throwable Drink" has been checked off on the "Milestone Items" checklist.


What about emotes as Milestones?


I’m gonna be no-lifeing this game so much after this comes out well… more that I am at the moment


damn, what isn’t gonna be throwable?


An emote Milestone for Ball Race could be cartwheel.


what about a milestone
something from ballrace being frozen from playing summit a large amount of times
frozen melons or a ballrace ball suck in ice


I got some milestone ideas.
casino: card set.
bowling: score screan display.
Mabye plaza event minigames can be milestone like pet ballon and an revolver from target practice.


ya better keep your luck based achievements to a minimum


There’s not many luck based achievements.


Please make the jackpot one available for 3 machines (Only WoM would be really hard)


I ended up disabling that jackpot achievement. Gonna try awarding it another way.


What about after using the machine X amount of times (500/1000). It wouldn’t be luck based and it would make people stay in the casino.


Will the achievements award units per achievement or for a group of achievements? And how many units will they actually award?


We currently want all achievements to award units, some achievements award more. There’s a bronze, silver, gold, and diamond ranking on achievements and that’s how you know which is harder to get. So bronze achievements would give out like 250 units (as an example), and diamond would be like 2,000 units.


Are there any more achievements added after the 260 currently listed on Steam?

Achievements for RC Vehicles could also be added:

Drive 1000m with the RC Car
Fly 1000m with the RC Plane
Travel 1000m with the RC Boat
Attain a height of 100 feet with the RC Plane/Helicopter

Some more could definetly be added.


Surely there will be more due to the Ocean expansion update, perhaps more plaza easter eggs, an all new game mode, etc.


I meant to ask more achievements for the things already in the game. Mac said somewhere that he’ll be revising the achievements and trying to add more for the things already in the game if possible IIRC.


Well then, you just answered your own question