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What’s this supposed to be?


melon that floats beside you


It’s a string of melons that follow behind you (like the eggs in GMod Tower).

Coming up with decent milestones for Ball Race is quite difficult.


A bumper that bumps away users like in GMT, maybe a floor panel made of those in GLXY with slider settings to make it larger like a grid (similar to the canvas wall), maybe a glowing golden melon from a higher/harder rank/chieve, maybe a version of the teleporter that resembles the one from Nimbus?


Maybe a tube that spits you out the top like in Paradise


a milestone that you can get where when your in minigolf you can change the mini golf ball to a a ballrace ball (or any ballrace ball upgrade you buy)
i guess it could be a cool idea


Customizable golfballs have been shown off already but they aren’t milestones. It’s gonna work like bowling. And if I remember correctly, the ball race orb is one of them.


its hard to think of ballrace milestones


There are milestone minigolf skins (gold and diamond golf balls). Doesn’t say anything about there being a ball race orb golf ball though.


There is a Ball Race Orb Minigolf ball upgrade.


what about a ballrace milestone that is related to the end goal
like a little display item that is a ramp and a floating goal and you press E on it and a small ballrace ball rolls down the ramp and flies in the air and lands in the goal and explodes into small confetti
for getting in the end on 500 ball race levels

Weekly Dev Log for January 8th, 2019

These are great ideas.


Maybe a puller/attractor and repeller like in the harder ball race maps that I can’t think of the name right now
EDIT: Oh and a basketball/soccer ball/ phsy item that looks like a Ball Race orb


Some more ideas:
Maybe unlockable skyboxes from the Ball Race maps
Rainbow disappearing blocks you can configure to make cool things
Maybe some props from different maps (Palm trees from paradise?)
A funnel that vaporizes items when they get put through (exit ring)
Or maybe a version of the teleporter item but it looks like the exit rings instead


going on from unlockable in ballrace orbs what if you can get special huds
like a HUD that has a soccer ball pattern on it


Like I said, it’s not a milestone


Well, I didn’t know.


I figured. That’s why I mentioned it. You’re right that’s theres no ball race orb milestone item. Because, like Mac and I mentioned, it’s gonna be an upgrade, not a milestone.

  • "Zombie Massacre: RC Helicopter" has been checked off on the "Milestone Items" checklist.
  • "Planet Panic: RC UFO" has been checked off on the "Milestone Items" checklist.


The ultimate milestone for any activity would be a condo version of one of its maps. For ballrace, it wouldn’t even need to include anything besides a big platform and the environment lifted from the map.