Steam Achievements, Stats, Leaderboards, and Badges/Milestones




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  • Setup achievement API
  • Finish internal achievement list
  • Setup stats that are needed for the achievements on the Steam backend
  • Setup achievements on the Steam backend
  • Setup achievements on the achievement manifest in the game
  • Create a way to download the achievements to download from the Steam backend into the game manifest
  • Define stats in the GameplayTags in the game
  • Rework backend system to handle achievements and EXP
  • Add function calls to Game Worlds
  • Add function calls to Plaza
  • Create icons for each achievement
  • Trophy items


  • Setup stat API
  • Finish internal stats list (requires achievements first as most will be covered in those)
  • Add stat calls to Game Worlds
  • Add stat calls to Plaza


  • Setup leaderboard API
  • Define leaderboards
  • Setup leaderboards on the Steam backend
  • Add leaderboard calls to the Game Worlds
  • Add leaderboard calls to Plaza
  • Create leaderboard panel for Lobby activities and such
  • Leaderboard manifest
  • Showing "new high score" message


  • Finish internal badge title list
  • Finish internal badge title EXP requirements
  • Finish internal milestone EXP requirements
  • Create badge manifest
  • Create new EXP system (backend)
  • Create EXP progress UI element
  • Create event when you reach the EXP requirement it'll give out a milestone
  • Implement badge UI elements (based on EXP)
  • Badge artwork


  • Finish internal milestone list
  • Milestone backend functions
  • Milestone UI
  • Create milestone items
  • Create Game World themed catsacks


  • Collection book (holds all this stuff in one place)

Achievements + Rewards
General suggestions for a better experience
Tower Unite Stats

Hell yeah! I’m not an obsessive achievement hunter, but it’s always fun to have. Hoping to see some interesting ones.


Hell yeah! These will certainly keep people busy, maybe gamesworld milestones will come along with these too?


If its there I’m aiming for the -Totally not addicted to TU- Acchievement


Hell okay! I think it should still keep some of the old Gmod Tower achievements, though.


Hell Yeah Mr Krabs! I sure hope that we get another sexy achievement sound like in GMT.


I seriously hope that there’s going to be unlockable items from these achievements that we can throw into our condos or onto our character. Maybe a functional bumper to put in our rooms (after being bumped 500 times, for example), or a UFO gun from Planet Panic that we can shoot our friends with (after winning 30 Planet Panic matches)?


Oh yes please! I really loved the achievements in Gmod Tower. Can’t wait to get drunk in Tower Unite just because I want to get all the achievements…


maybe after getting achievements, you get a simple in-game rewards, like in Gmod tower, perhaps something in the lines of “new gun skin when you kill 50zombies with the tommy gun” or "spend 1,000,000 units in shops and get a free slot machine

that would be cool


Pretty sure this is gonna be a feature!


Milestones are completely confirmed, and I think it’s been talked about in a few of the streams. There also seems like there’s going to be a system to “buy” certain milestone items (probably multiple for decoration purposes), but not sure how that’s going to work.

Current planned milestones can be seen here:


was it ever stated that the “legendary” items are tied to milestones? I remember devs talking about achievements, milestones and badges, but I don’t ever recall them mentioning those. (well, except Mac once confirming the “legendary” system on the forums)


We need the Winning Jackpot Achievement


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I would 100% collect the badges and achievements! Great idea


If we could suggest some achievements for this feature, these are some I’d like to see:

Easy Achievements:

Real Estate: Buy a Condo!

A Bird in the Hand: Score a Birdie in Golf.

Movie Tycoon: Put up a video in the Theater!

Medium Achievements:

Cleanliness is Close to Godliness: Survive 5 Rounds of Virus without getting Infected!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Eat 3 Knights while they’re scared by your roar!

They See Me Rollin’: Get First Place in Ball Race for 3 rounds!

Hard Achievements:

Junkie: Survive 3 Rounds of Virus in which You have used your Adrenaline within the first 10 seconds.

Sweet Sweet Grind: Score a Hole in One on Hole 2 on Sweet Tooth.

Melon Felon: Collect 1000 Melons in Ball Race.

Pinhead: Get 5 Strikes in One Game of Bowling.

Secretary: Score a 10x or more combo in Typing Derby.

These are just some Ideas I wanted to shoot out. Whether or not you guys wanna use em is up to you, but I think the community would really enjoy being able to suggest achievements for the game.


Just gonna put this ol’ thread here: Funny Achievement Names


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Please make this happen soon, stats, achivements and milestones is what i live for!

Even if there is no items or anything for getting them i would still love to have them and earn them right now