Funny Achievement Names

This thread isn’t a suggestion on it’s own, but a thread to allow the community to help out
What do you think is a funny achievement for Tower Unite? Include the Gamemode and such.


I’ll go first! In Virus, if you kill a large group of infected with a flak handgun, you get the Flaklemore achievement!

Good idea! It’s very fitting for the game.

Gotta go Fast - Keep a consistent speed on ball race.


WTF i thought this isn’t UCH anymore? - Experience hitbox lag on Little Crusaders.


GO IN! - Minigolf - Get within an inch of the hole but not inside it.
Steady, steady… - Minigolf - Get par or lower on every hole in a course.
But They Didn’t Specify WHICH Hole! - Minigolf - Attempt to play on the wrong hole.

Screw Blue Shells - Accelerate - Get first on a race without using items.

I Can Almost Taste It… - Virus - Get within a foot of a survivor before being killed by him/her.
Can’t Touch This - Virus - Get within a foot of an infected before killing him/her.
What Secondary? - Virus - Get first in a round using only one weapon.
That Awkward Moment - Virus - As a survivor, be within five feet of an infected when time runs out or vice versa.

Clutched it - Ball Race - Be the only one to finish a round.
Robot in the Sky - Ball Race - Be airbourne for X seconds.
Greedy - Ball Race - Get every cuboid and get to the end in a round.
Just A Couple More Seconds? - Ball Race - Get within ten feet of the end when time runs out.


88 MPH: Fly from the condos to the boardwalk in 10 seconds
Lazy bum: Ride the elevators in the condos 100 times (if they’re ride-able in the final game)
Chillaxin’: Ride in an inner-tube for 1 hour total
"Heyyy it’s your cousin! Let’s go bowling!": Get invited to bowling 20 times
Unfortunate Accident: Stand in the middle of a dart board as soon as someone throws a dart
Updated 8/23:
Game Night: Have 10 people in your condo playing arcade games at the same time
Nostalgia Bomb: Transport yourself to Lobby 1


Send In The Clowns: Throw a party where no guests show up. Get drunk afterwards to cure the depression.

Mr. Rolfe: Get angry after playing an arcade game. (Do the angry emote, if one exists, after playing an arcade game)

Swiggity Swooty: Find 100 treasures/items in the sand.

Poor Investments: Lose a large amount of money in the casino.

Rise and Shine: Watch another player sleep in their condo.

Whoops: Get shot in the shooting gallery.

Hell’s Kitchen: Fail X amount of dishes when cooking (if it’s a skill-based minigame)

Dressed to Impress: Be in a group with players and be wearing the same outfits.

"Notice me, Senpai!": Follow around the devs when they connect.

Cleanup on Aisle Five: Get drunk and vomit in one of the public areas in the Tower.

A Public Nuisance: Vomit in three public areas in the Tower.

Alcohol Poisoning: Vomit in every publicly accessible area in Tower Unite. (Based on Gmod Tower’s current set up, a player must vomit in one unlocked condo, the condo lobby, the lower floor of the condo lobby, the outside plaza, the two cinemas, the cinema lobby, the arcade, the gamemode lobby, the casino, the nightclub, every shop, the beach, the pier, the swimming pool, and the platform at the top of the waterslides. Include new areas for TU like the Bowling Alley. Easter egg areas are exempt.)

Your Hat Will Pierce the Heavens!: Wearing a pointy hat, fly to the highest accessible point in the map.

Link Start!: Join Tower Unite (make an account on a Ranked server and play for about an hour. Description could read something like “Enjoy your stay!”)

Off the Grid: Log 100 hours on unranked servers.

Connected: Log 100 hours on ranked/official servers.

Puttin’ on the Ritz: Wear fancy clothing. A full suit, top hat, and monocle.

Banned!: Vomit on one of the devs.

Hermit: Spend X amount of time in your own condo with the door locked.

Trickshot: When playing Pool, knock a ball off the table eight times.

Accidental Hero: In Bowling, throw a ball the next lane and score a strike or a spare.

Bikini Bottom: Spend X amount of time underwater.

OUTATIME: Fast travel 100 times.

Thriller: Not sure what this would be, some achievement linked to a Halloween event, if there is one.

Added some more!


This has so much potential and I love it.


Unfixable Bug

Find an actual bug.

Arcade Master

Get one ticket.

Chocolate Rain

Use the toilet in the condos.

Afraid Of Heights

Use the jetpack.

Sir, May I Ask A Question?

Ask a question about questions in the chat.

Out Of Order

Try to use the elevators.

Pure Art

Have a canvas with Mona Lisa on it.

Vroom Vroom

Play Accelerate 1,000 times.

Dragon Unwinder

Play Little Crusaders 1,000 times.

It’s Alive!

Play Virus 1,000 times.

Let’s Hope You Survived

Play Zombie Massacre 1,000 times.


Play Minigolf 1,000 times.

Heart Attack

Play Panic At Horror Hill 1,000 times.

Slaughterday Night Five

On Slaughterday Night Live, play 5 games and on the fifth game, talk about Five Nights at Freddy’s in the chat.


Earn 1,000,000 Units in the Casino.

Awkward Taste

Blend bleach and a skull.

Tweet Tweet

Own a pet bird.

Scary Maze Game

Make a maze in your condo with Halloween decorations in it.

Under Cover

Find 5 easter eggs.

Don’t Step In The Yellow Snow

During Winter season, pee in the snow.

Reported, Again

Get banned from a server twice.

Do A Barrel Roll!

Roll a barrel.

May I Take Your Order?

Cook a food talked about in the chat.

Leedle Leedle Lee

Yodel in the voice chat.


Look at something for 1 real life minute.

Go And Smell The Roses

Plant a flower.

Beep Boop

Buy a robot.


Buy a clown nose.


Hello world!


Joining tower unite with the console.

This is a programming joke.


Gamemode: Virus
Survive Using only The DB Shotgun

Name: =(
Gamemode: Lobby
Be in the Lobby by Yourself for 30 Minutes


Forever Alone: Start a singleplayer server on any mode 10 times.
With Friends Like These: Have at least 5 friends playing Tower Unite at the same time
Butt Clench: Win first place in Slaughter Day Night Live by gaining the lead with 2 seconds left on the clock
Extreme Meta: Watch a video in the theater of someone playing Tower Unite. TOWER-CEPTION!


Name: Toilet Hogger
Gamemode: Condo
Sit on the toilet 10 times or sit on it for 1 straight minute

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YOU FRICKEN FRICK!: Put on a Sammyclassicsonicfan video in the theaters.

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Maths Enthusiast - Think that it’s christmas when it’s actually halloween.

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Rubber ducky, your the one

Find and report a significant bug to Pixeltail, and recieve this rubber ducky item (or maybe a trophy) for your condo!

This is programming joke. Programmers (including myself) often have a rubber duck on their desk to help them debug. They explain a bug aloud to the duck, and putting it in words helps them discover the bug.

If you think i’m making this up, here you go.


Thinking Out Loud - Lobby - Use voice or text chat when you are alone in a server.
A Day to Relax - Lobby - Stay in the lobby for a full day/night cycle.
Think Twice Before Sharing - Lobby - Play an unlisted video in the Theatre.
Middle Man - Lobby - Buy something from a store and trade it to another player within an hour.
Secondhand Shopper - Lobby - Obtain an item via trading with another player.
Everyday is a Holiday - Lobby - Wear holiday clothing/accessories at least two months from the holiday’s date.
Penny Puncher - Lobby - Duel someone for less than 1,000 Units.
Dollar Dispute - Lobby - Duel someone for 1,000 to 10,000 Units.
Fortune Fight - Lobby - Duel someone for more than 10,000 Units.
Professional Barfighter - Lobby - Win more than 100,000 Units from duels.

Used Repel - Any gamemode, not Lobby - Be on a server where everyone else disconnects.

Capture the Flag - Minigolf - Hit your ball through the flagpole.

Backup Plan - Accelerate - After being stopped by a hazard, use an item to return to full speed.
Drag Racer - Accelerate - Drive without turning or hitting a wall/kart/hazard for five seconds.

Apocalypse Survivor - Virus - Survive as the last alive after everyone else was infected before the halfway point.

Not Dead Yet - Zombie Massacre - In a round, be the last alive before reviving someone. By the end of the round, everyone must be alive.

Camper Stamper - Slaughterday Night Live - Kill someone who has not moved out of a five meter radius for the past ten seconds.
Stealing the Spotlight - Slaughterday Night Live - Kill someone who had less than ten health left where his previous damage was dealt by another player who was still alive.
Truly Unlucky - Slaughterday Night Live - Damage someone to less than ten health before they are killed by another player while you are still alive.
1V1 me IRL - Slaughterday Night Live - Play one round where there is only one other player present.

#GETSPOOKED - Panic at Horror Hill - Dangit Foohy… (NOTE: this is achieved by jerking the mouse suddenly after encountering a scare)
Horror Film Protagonist - Panic at Horror Hill - Be the only survivor.
The Gang’s All Here - Panic at Horror Hill - Play in a game where four of the ghosts are named Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde.


Petty Putter - Minigolf - Get last place in Minigolf 5 times
Fore! - Minigolf - Hit your ball off of the course and onto the scenery of the map.
Wheres my Putter? - Minigolf - Fail to hit your ball into the hole before the time limit 25 times.

Eat Shrapnel - Virus - Successfully detonate a bomb as an infected walks over it.
It isn’t a Problem! - Virus - Use the Adrenaline shot 100 times.
What Infection? - Virus - Kill the entire infected team under ten seconds as the last survivor

Traffic Jam - Accelerate! - Crash into two other karts. (Honk your horn for emotional satisfaction)
Gotta Go…Fast? - Accelerate! - Go from First place to Last place within ten seconds.
This was a Race?! - Accelerate! - Finish a course in first place with at least a thirty second time difference between you and an opponent finishing.

What Primary? - Slaughterday Night Live - Kill as many people as you do weapons, each with a different weapon, in one round.
Motion Based Vision - Slaughterday Night Live - Kill 25 players in their Stealth Box (or stealth invisibility device, copyright strikes are fun)
We Are NOT Rivals! - Slaughterday Night Live - In one round, kill the same person only and have your only deaths caused by him.

The Toy Makerer - Little Crusaders - Deactivate the Dragon and become the highest ranking Knight
Ooh…Shot Down… - Little Crusaders - Become a higher ranking knight, only to be demoted the next round.
tan(sin(x)) - Little Crusaders - Spend one entire game in a loop of deactivating the dragon and being demoted the next round.


I like those ideas except for “Petty Putter” and “Where’s my Putter?” Those two discourage playing correctly and even encourage forcing others to wait for you. The rest are neat, though.