Shadon removed from virus leaderboard

He is not a cheater, I have seen people report him for his amount of XP and accuse him of cheating, but I can promise he is completely legitimate. Can this be re-evaluated? He worked hard for it.


Also the #1 for chainsaw deathmatch actually is illegitimate and I’m stuck at #2 even though my score is legit, can this one be evaluated too?


Yes, this is unfair Shadon is innocent. He’s a player with a clean record in Virus, and he’s never cheated.





I’m glad i got my virus leaderboard back, but could you also restore the ones i have on accelerate and minigames too?

Yeah they should restore everything, and I think it’s unfair you got banned when you’re known in the community for how hard you grind.

The rest of the virus community can attest to this as well, he’s just really good at the game.

I’ve removed the ban.

If you know what the leaderboard entries for Accelerate and Minigames were, I can restore them.

I’m not exactly sure how it works but it seems mildly irresponsible to remove leaderboard entries without there being a backup, I’ve seen a lot of people spend hours solo grinding an accelerate track for a good time, or spending hours doing minigames for similar reasons, and it’s really easy to report people for cheating while not knowing how the game works enough to understand how these scores are possible

Leaderboards can easily be inserted back in. We don’t have backups because they often aren’t needed.

I think times like this highlight why it may be needed because everything was wiped for him, and in situations like this people usually don’t remember their times or scores on every single accelerate track, or even gamemodes they don’t play as often
Another possible solution could be to investigate these a bit more so these times arent removed in the first place

Hypothetically I have a backup of most of the leaderboards barring Ball Race from about August 29th if that’s recent enough to be considered–it’ll take me a while though since it’s kinda a chunky file.

I’ve seen you grinding many things across TU very heavily and among the community you are pretty well known for doing this. Sad that this happened

Restored that one.

This is really not a good look. :confused: you should always have backups to prevent any of this from happening.

We have hourly backups of units, EXP, achievements and other aspects of the game, but not leaderboards.

We are discussing ways to create manual backups that would be done before a potential exploit is found on the leaderboards per user so that in the event something similar happens, we can restore the values easier.

If Shaddon was on the bowling alley score leaderboard [not perfect games leaderboard] he’d probably be right below my friend Spook