September 2020 Condo Contest (Tiny Potion Build)

Hey all,

It’s September, so it’s time for another Condo Contest! This month’s theme is a tiny-potion build.

Make a tiny room, house, or secret area that is only accessible by using a tiny potion. Other than that, you can theme this build however you want, so have fun with it!

The contest ends at 3 PM PST on September 15th.


  • 1st Place - 1,000,000 Units
  • 2nd Place - 500,000 Units
  • 3rd Place - 250,000 Units


  • Must fit within the theme!
  • Must be something new - you can’t submit something you started before this post was made.
  • If you make something in a pre-existing Condo build, make sure to focus your pictures on the area of the build you’re submitting for the contest. In this scenario, include a before and after picture.
  • Must be appropriate content (no nudity, hate speech, etc.)
  • Must post at least 3 pictures of your condo.

How To Submit

  • Post at least 3 screenshots of your Condo as a reply to this thread as your entry to the contest.
  • Also please include your Steam ID in the submission so we can award you the Units if you win!

Have fun! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.



I was banned by VAC and maked new account but dont want did it, I dont have anything for this :c

Oh goody

A contest I can participate in.

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I think that’s a you thing buddy

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But what about American Samoan time?

2pm I think

this might be my time to shine i just hope i have enough time to build. also thinking about it workshop condos might be great for these condo contests.

id: STEAM_0:0:117532415


Oh, I was just being difficult. I was the last one to post because it turns out America Samoa is something like 9 hours behind my time zone lol

damn better give up now

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Are you allowed to use videos for the preview?

Screenshots are required, but yes, you can also include a video.

Ooh, interesting theme. Hopefully I will have time to make something :eyes:

Looking forward to seeing some other entities too.

Ahh okay thanks!

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SteamID: STEAM_0:1:55544306

My condo should satisfy all the elements. This is completely new for this contest but is an addendum to the previous Dumpster Fire.

First, it’s not an obvious place because all the games are outside. Second, you gotta be beary smol to get in.

Third, the 3D maze (based on the Lost Woods) requires you to be smol to get through and the walls are hidden.

Fourth, the solution is occluded by warps to other zones.
(Not the Zoras)

(Alien Overlords observing Eternally Burning Fire [treasure removed because of loading issues for visitors])

(Wee Celtic Faerie Forest)

(Caution: All Hail the Crab Lord)

If ye be not waylaid too long or too far, you can gies cheezeborga and malk to the Catsack Garden.

Enjoy the private tropical fish pond:

Lay with the cats:

Play with the cats:

Follow the Rainbow Road to Exit.

Hidden from the rest of the map, gotta know where to look and inaccesible except by tiny maze.

Uploaded to Workshop Condos for your play-time enjoyment =)


Try your hand with a fun maze: “Off The Grid” !

In the RAD year of 20XXX, you’re a denizen of Neo-Glow City-but the oppressive surveillance state really gets you down. When you can, you sneak off to the ruins of the Old City far in the woods to mess around with chemicals. Tonight, however, things get messy-some scavengers stole your car! Looks like you’ll have to find your way back home on-foot: it’ll be a long night…




You can find me at: 76561198082690442


Not enough dumpster fire. 15 / 10.

I know it sucks but this is my tiny house