Retry - Not exactly a ban appeal, more a question

I got banned from global chat, however I haven’t broken any rules in chat. I however may have broken a rule verbally, but not before being called a retard. I just want to know the exact reason as it might lead to a complaint about a specific admin who might have been involved in breaking rules.

Why did you post this twice?

This might also be the same as another comment, however it is because I just recently received rights to post without it needing approval, so I will paraphrase myself:

To answer your first comment: I posted this twice because I did not realize until after posting the second topic, that I need approval of my posts, I therefore thought that something went wrong; hence the second post.

Also, you did not seem to read and understand even the title of my post, let me quote myself: “Not exactly a ban appeal”. I know the procedure to a ban appeal since I can read it myself and it is clearly stated, I do appreciate the fact that you’re trying to help.

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