Replay System and Reporting

I can’t find this so I will put this right now:

I’d like to see a replay system come to the game where you could see a replay of the times that are in the book. It would pop up a prompt saying “Watch replay? Yes/No” and if you do, it’ll first download replay data, then load that level and play back the replay on the appropriate level. After it’s done, you’re given the option to go to main menu or replay again (sort of like the game is over) If you decide to pick another replay and it’s the same map, it’ll bring you to that level instead and let you see it after getting replay data. If you pick a different map, it’ll warp you to the map required.

I feel this will help with a lot of scrutiny on possible glitch times as well. In that sense, I also propose a report button, where if a new time enters the top 50 it can be reported via the book and if it gets reported enough it gets reviewed by the developers or the moderators of the game world, and if found to be illegitimate, it gets removed.

Agree with this entirely. Ballrace & Accelerate would benefit a lot from this. Plus it’s just fun to watch your own replay owo