[] The Timer in Ballrace

I have 3 different clips in which all of them have resulted in me getting a PB (Personal Best) But these times are not legit. Why? Because the timer has been broken for a while now. I was fixed a few updates ago but since the update, it has been reverted.

Please look at the timer for all three of these clips.

Due to this issue with the timer. It has lead people to get times that are not their best or times that are impossible to beat without this happening. It can’t be recreated in singleplayer. It requires a laggy host or someone buffering their game a s*** ton. The reason is that the timer is locked to the host to the server, not the game. So if a Host is intentionally trying to lag the game they can get many people times that are not possible to beat. Hopefully, this can be fixed in the near distant future.


Hello, as part of the net synchronization work I’ve been I switched the timers to the new methods a while back. Unfortunately there was an unforeseen issue where timers could display invalid times. Given this and some issues with net synch in minigolf that we haven’t been able to reproduce yet, I reverted the timers to the old code since I’m knee deep in crashes at the moment.

The plan is to look at the synchronization issues with the new code again once things are more stable. Crashes on the whole have been much reduced so I’m hoping to get back to this soon.


Alright, thanks for the response. :smile: