Question about FPS lock

After the new update, my FPS at plaza increased greatly. But when I am playing at my condo or some minigame, fps is locked to 60, without ability to unlock it. Reason that is written in settings- “hard limited to 60 due to server hosting”

Any way to disable it, or something?

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This same question asked + answered in the Discord earlier.

Currently you can’t disable it.


Well, ok. But is there any small chance that it will be solved in the future?

We are working on solutions.


Feels so bad for 144Hz and 240Hz monitors users. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I spent the day playing single player ball race and ZM to unlock milestones and I wish I was able to do so at 144fps. The 60fps hard limit makes the game feel choppy on a higher Hz monitor. Hopefully you guys can find a solution to the problem that allows a higher cap in single player mode.

Best of luck