Project 23 Signs (Now Lobby 3)


Sorry, my bad (English).
What I meant by saying “It’s going downhill”, is that Tower Unite current lobby is going bonkers, like GMT Lobby 1.
Sorry for misunderstanding!


oh like people are going crazy for it
excited as hell

i see now


iphone 8 - iphone 10

windows 8 - windows 10

lobby 2 - lobby 23



LOBBY 23 CONFIRMED! Yeah baby!


Westworld References are the best.


Hey baby it’s ya boi Rob, just here to say real quick I wrote my dialouge long before project 23 was announced. If I recall correctly, I’m pretty sure that’s a reference to a lobby event about to start. :thinking:
ANYWAY, long time no chat. Hope all ya’ll doin’ well! :kissing_heart:

Edit :
Hey I’m sorry ya’ll upon further inspection it turns out I didn’t in fact write that line back in the day. Dang now I’m just as confused as ever. You’d think owning your own shop would get you the inside scoop but some things in Tower are so top secret even ya boi Rob don’t know!
…but then again I do like surprises almost as much as I love Bru-Rays, so I’m alright with not always being in the know. Either way, THE PLOT THICKENS.


Store dont move in events?


The tower also doesn’t change.


Assumedly he means “Event” as in like the updates that change how the plaza looks visually. I.e. the Summer event, Halloween event, etc. Rather than the individual “events” that occur in the plaza every X minutes throughout the day. Also by “The tower is changing” it could be referring to individual players’ condos having more resorts and items to place since Condos are, technically, part of the tower itself.

Edit: reply 69, nice.






i noticed a webpage where it said Copyright 2009-2015 pixeltail games and pointed it out in the discord.
it got changed very quickly and i joked about how they should be as fast with project 23 as stuff like this


Ah. Lol


0.6.5 is out, so I’m just gonna bump this thread as a reminder to look for any new P23 things


Tunnel room in transit station has vanished.


The snails are on the move. I repeat, the snails are on the move!


I knew it! The snails are in control of the island!


small turtle under the monorail platform as well.


notepad on top of the boardwalk stores


That notepad’s been there since earlier than 0.6.0 (and was also posted earlier in this post).