Project 23 Signs (Now Lobby 3)


I remember the devs talking about hidden plushies in the plaza. Theres a turt in overtime but i dont think that counts.


There are going to be achievements for finding hidden toys around several of Virus’ maps


i had a feeling it was somewhere else in this thread but i could not find it


first turt is in overtime


I found this corridor where bumper cars is by going under the map, possible project 23 stuff?
(The color “windows” are RGB.)



I’m pretty sure that’s just some leftover stuff from when you could enter the Bumper Cars building. There wasn’t really anything inside, so the devs just decided to block it off until it gets finished.


they did remove it in the other autumn plaza but since the winter plaza is a older version of the plaza thats why its back (and the secret room is gone)

the fact it is not gone and made completely the same as the autumn makes me think that it would be a waste of time, possibly because they would want to spend more time on a better lobby that may be project 23, thats what i hope at least


The unused bumper carts area was existent way before all the project 23 stuff happened.


You’ve all probably seen it by now but


Yup! Just came here to talk about it!


Here’s a few things I’ve noticed:


the glass building is the plant store i believe.


It seems a bit big for just one store, but maybe.


Kinda hyped, nice to see they are improving the lobby. Though not everything is clear yet, I did see a waterslide :’)


YASSS! Body is clear



Lobby 3 Release Predictions



but it’s the 24th here right now


23rd here in Texas land and apparently a lot of other places too.