Project 23 Signs (Now Lobby 3)


I’m sure everyone knows about these by now, but I’ll post this for those who didn’t know.

There are signs scattered around the plaza about Project 23. Here are some pictures:

This one’s at the monorail station and the bridge over the plaza stores. Why would the monorail need to be rerouted? Who knows.

This one’s directly in front of the Bumper Cars building. R.I.P Bumper Cars.

This one’s at the back of the tower, near the monorail station. I think it’s a waterpark, but that’s just my guess.

In, three notes relating to Project 23 were scattered around the plaza- one on the left side of the tower, one at Poseidon, one on top of the Shooting Gallery- and they’re still where they were. They read, “WE WILL REBUILD”.

There are three unique signs around the plaza, just as many signs as there are notes. Could this be a clue?

There is a Trello page for Project 23 as well.

Here’s what Caboose thinks it is:

He also said this about Project 23’s ETA:

What do you think all this means?

EDIT: Project 23 was confirmed to be Lobby 3 on December 23rd, 2018. haha get it because it’s the 23rd day???

Project 23 info
[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek

Project 23 seems to be bigger than we imagined. I say we wait this one out.


Yeah. Seems to be an overall of the Plaza.


I’m very excited about this, I love when the plaza gets significant updates.


Plot twist: Project 23 will be a dedicated signs shop.


it returns!


No, please.


waterparkkkkk pleeaaaaasee


Very excited about this


this is pretty exciting, the thing is. We don’t have a single clue what’s about to happen, and we just have to wait.


Man this is a lot bigger than I was expecting. I thought it’d be a map or a condo. Not a huge new plaza addition


Im calling it now, a gigantic turtle-zilla will rise out of the water and fuck up the tower to the point that the devs will need to rebuild large parts of island.
Oh and we get to shoot the turtle with our potato guns and stuff.


Okay, but can we have a moment of silence for bumper cars?




“we will rebuild”


im guessing something is getting destroyed. and then the tu community will have to live on.


Yeah, no. Removing a feature and then telling people to live with it is a good way to piss off your entire community.


At least it’s a feature nobody really wanted.


Speak for yourself, Bumper Cars sounds like fun :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, I’m just expecting it to be moved to a new location, probably behind the tower along with whatever expansion is going on there. The actual space where the Bumper Cars building currently stands will probably be replaced by another building or activity. Personally, I’m guessing they’re planning to put the Shooting Gallery Ride there.


Wasn’t bumper cars a stretch goal? Even if no one would be interested in it, I still think they should try and fulfill that stretch goal if at all possible.

And i’d like to see it fulfilled, as bumper cars could be fun.