Project 23 Signs (Now Lobby 3)


Ain’t that the truth. Yet another building has a sign.


I was looking for something over there!


Project Lobby 2 to 3.


I’m sure some of you have seen this in another post, but Rob tells you a bit about Project 23:

This confirms that the stores are moving as well as everything we already know from the signs around the plaza. Could Project 23 be Lobby 3? It’s certainly starting to look that way.

Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!

Think of Lobby 2 and Project 23. Let’s go further, Project 23. Even further 23. Now separate the numbers, we get 2 and 3. Back to the Lobby 2 thing, the current plaza is Lobby 2, 2 3 the number after 2 is 3 (obviously) and 23 can mean 2 to 3. Maybe this is Lobby 3, or we could be 100% wrong.


When the whole Project 23 Trello page was made I was like “what is this?” I’m pretty sure everyone else was the exact same lol


I read this in the Microsoft voice they use in the illuminati videos lmao. Just add “Project 23 is illuminati confirmed” at the end.



found this at the end of the autumn patch notes. this seems to be the first patch notes that have an image at the end, so this must be pretty recent. if the order from left to right is the order of the updates then P23 might be one that comes out before anything else

found at:

scroll down to the end

(writing with a mouse is hard)


That’s the upcoming Lobby One Community Condo


In, a cube and a cone appeared in the secret room in the transit station. See more info in this post: The Tunnel Object Mystery [Autumn Update]


aren’t community condos and lobby 1 supposed to be in the same update?


We decided to release the map earlier so we can iron out bugs for it, while we keep working on Community Condos.


so we getting lobby 1 as a normal condo?


Any condo can be used as a Community Condo. The Underwater Condo and the Lobby One Condo were designed with Community Condos in mind, but there is nothing stopping them from being used as normal condos. A player can choose to host their Highrise Condo as a Community Condo for instance.


i mean like uhhh,
next update are we getting lobby 1 so we will be able to get it ingame, (but it will be a normal condo) then later community condos will drop and we will be able to do that community condo stuff with whatever.
(or is it just being checked off internally to come out later with community condos)


Yes, Lobby One Community Condo will be released before the actual Community Condo system.


YES YES, starts dancing :man_dancing:


the end is near
like, we’ve seen it with the lobby 1, it’s going downhill


i dont understand
how is this going downhill?