Project 23 Signs (Now Lobby 3)


VR was also something from the IGG, but it didn’t pan out. Not everything from the campaign is going to stay.


Demolition doesn’t necessarily mean something’s being removed.




As Caboose has said, things aren’t being removed from the game when it says demolition. Just think about what the clipboards say.


oh so you’re updating all those places. i see now, you going to rebuild parts of the plaza. nice.
getting rid of old bumper carts and such and making them nicer.


destroy the casino





I kinda like the idea of minigame type things like Bumper Cars being moved behind the Tower. Might as well put a buncha stuff like that behind there, seeing as it’s just a huge empty space.


Project Personal Health and love and care :slight_smile:


In, two more signs have been placed in the plaza.

The Game World ports seem to be moving somewhere else, or maybe just being removed. If it is moved, will it be behind the tower, maybe? And what will be in its current place? We will know soon, probably.

Poseidon is also being moved. Will it go behind the tower, at the Game World ports’ current location, or somewhere else? Only time will tell.


I think the layout will change


for everything


It’s certainly starting to look that way. I’m really starting to think Project 23 could be Lobby 3.


I’m hoping the shops get moved into a mall a bit like in Lobby 1, even though there aren’t any signs around there yet.


holy shit, this is way bigger than I thought. I’m hyped, but also wary that this might take longer than I first thought.


Honestly if it turns out to be Lobby 3 I’d be super happy. They’d be able to build the Plaza from the ground up with an island design and ocean expansion in mind, and put in tons of secret areas, cool details and extra beach chilling spots.

(Almost for sure just a bit of a revamp though)


Well if it’s just relocation of certain areas, I’d say it’s more like Lobby 2.5

or 2.3
omg 23 I’ve cracked it guys


It certainly seems like a lobby rearrangement/reconstruction is what this is, though to what scale I can’t say. I’d just be careful about getting hyped; it’s certainly not a bad to be hyped, but considering the only thing really confirmed about Project 23 is its name, there’s always the possibility that it’s not as big a deal as one might think. I’d prefer to be pleasantly surprised by whatever gets revealed rather than become overhyped and risk disappointment.


it seems to be growing in what is getting done, meaning its probably either going to just be a re-design to fit needs or it might get to the point of where the entire lobby gets redesigned.


Found another sign!